Korg Minilogue XD Review

When Korg introduced the Minilogue in 2016 it was a game-changer. It’s a true analog polyphonic synth for around $500, and frankly, there isn’t much else like it on the market. And even three years later it’s still one of the best values out there in analog synthesizers.

But the market is moving fast, and Korg isn’t about to let the competition lap it. So it’s introducing the four-voice Minilogue XD, which takes the best parts of the entire ‘logue lineup — Microtunings and the sequencer from the Monologue, the MULTIdigital Oscillator from the flagship Prologue — and combines them in one stunningly affordable package.


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Emanuele Tregnaghi says:

I rode Kylie Minogue XD review

Music Inflames Temperament says:

Best review so far… Thanks!

crussell4691 says:

Korg’s virtual synths do all this for less.

Cubed EDM says:

Gonna cop this one, looks awesome.

SoupOS says:

Hope it’s not too much more money than the og minilogue

Icenineiv says:

This was good, and you should keep making videos about synths!

M.M.B. - MakingMadBeats says:

What kind of review is this video supposed to be when there is mainly just talking about the synth but not playing it and showing it` s sonic capabilities? Nicely edited video but not very informative on other hand.

Les Dewitt says:

How do you sustain EG as it doesn’t have EG sustain control from OG minilogue nor envelope switch from monologue?

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