Korg Kronos Synthesizer Workstation Review

John Ebata goes in depth with the legendary Korg Kronos Synthesizer. Available in store at Cosmo Music.

Korg Kronos X 88

Korg Kronos 88

Korg Kronos X 73

Korg Kronos 73

Korg Kronos X 61

Korg Kronos 61

Recorded at Cosmo Music – The Musical Instrument Superstore!


Simen Brændshøi says:

OMG! Enable texting ans look at 2:12 “Peter is actually working in a copper smelter” WTF?!? 

michi k says:

is there a keyboard with all these sounds & effects minus all the workstation features ?

recording own samples is great but anything else i dont need at all

alphasxsignal says:

Love the Kronos and now the X is even better.

Timothy Ellis says:

It wasn’t very ‘in depth’ – more like a standard introduction – just like all the other videos! where can if find something more in depth?

Nealix D. says:

Like the demo, but your links aren’t working.

pcuimac says:

I sounds very nice and strong but the UI is inferior to even a Windows 95 laptop. The sequencer has not even a piano role. Korg is stuck with it´s 1995 UI design. But the basic sound engines are wonderful. They made a much cheaper better sounding Oasys but left out all the M3 improvements and the 8 pads. Maybe one day they will put ll the good features into one machine?

Robert Åslund says:

Bla bla bla! Just the same as my Kurzweil K2000 i bought 1992! But i have Kronos now a day! 😉

TheChrisnab100 says:

I’m new to workstations as I’m an organist but want to create and arrange songs … If I want to play a certain song I want to make it sound as identical to that song. Is this the best money can buy? I’m willing to spend up to $4000 on a keyboard/ workstation. Any info would be gratefully appreciated

hogberto says:

wish i’d practised piano harder when i was a lad!

Przemysław Pabin says:

is in Korg Kronos advanced or basic arranger section ??? what is better ??, 61 or 73 keys ??

Deviantloverable says:

omg!!!!THE ORGAN!!!


There’s no thought about it. I tried the Motif and the Roland workstations, but the Kronos 88 is my choice for my upgrade. After playing the Triton Extreme 76 since 2004, the Kronos really fits the bill. Especially since Korg kept the op system functions close to the Triton Extreme. Man, a full studio in this workstation.

John Ebata says:

I still have a Kurzweil K2000S & K2500RS in the studio,Kronos is ‘today’s’ leading edge.For Korg M3 pad controls one can either do it in the Kronos or buy the inexpensive Korg Nanopad,plug it into the USB on the back of the Kronos which gives it power and you have all the great Korg M3 features like chord play or drum and sample triggers.

Bill Killernic says:

what about yamaha motif XF 8 ?

Edward Querfeld says:

Great skills but if I wanted just an electric piano, I could find a less expensive alternative.  This is a beast and I would like to see a video that gets into the pure synthesis capabilities.

Tùng Trần Xuân says:

I’m fall in love….@@’_
Kronos X 88 is amazingly….

Menchusito Vasquez says:

solo puedo decir gracias…..

xaeptyy says:

mercy! mercy! mercy! like if you got that.

Michael Beckwith says:

What’s really cool, after putting several thousand hours in on this board, is that I find new things every time I play it. I think it would take multiple chapters to review it. He didn’t even get to the vector joystick, which is one if its best features.

wiencheck says:

It’s rather advertisement than review 😛

Gideon Waxfarb says:

Nah, couldn’t do that. Then you wouldn’t be spending another $2,500+ for the next model 😛

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