Korg Kronos LS Synthesizer Review

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Since its introduction, the Korg Kronos 88 has been the workstation of choice for A-list keyboardists such as Jordan Rudess, as well as many of the synth mavens here at Sweetwater. But not everyone needs fully weighted action. If you work extensively with orchestral sample collections, or play a lot of synth parts, you’ll appreciate a lighter-weight 88-note Kronos with semi-weighted action. Behold the Kronos LS. It’s a Kronos through-and-through — but 16 pounds lighter. Under the hood, it’s a music production heavyweight. Korg’s latest operating system enhances functionality and accelerates your creative workflow. The beefed-up SGX-2 piano engine boasts, in addition to its renowned German and Japanese grand pianos, a killer 9GB Berlin grand, as well as expressive sympathetic resonance and una corda samples you can tweak to taste.


dapunisher1000 says:

Nah. I’ll take a hammer on…..this is just a money grab cause you have nothing new……

xp50 player says:

overlaying screenshots of the unique patch engines as you play them would make this video a lot more effective than showing the Setlist the whole time. Also, someone who is unfamiliar with the Kronos would not have any idea about the synth engine names you quickly rattled off in the beginning.

Jason G says:

vocoder is Roger troutman vice right

Jules Berkhof says:

One big no go, a $4000 synth witouth aftertouch..

gridsleep says:

LS? Less snazzy? Jordan Rudess is on my C List. Well below Emerson, Wakeman, Moraz, Banks, Jarre, Glass, and Billy Joel.

Philo Beddoe says:

For me personally…the Kronos is the only hardware workstation even worth considering(aside from the Roland FA08)…but with the multiple defects I’ve experienced with more than one Krome and also the Kronos having a history of defects..well…it’s absurd to spend over $3,000…only to have the LCD display burn out,after 5 years.For the cost of an 88-key Kronos,I could have a monster PC,an M-Audio Hammer88 midi controller and NI’s Komplete 11 Ultimate…which would completely blow the Kronos out of the water,in every respect,across the board.

Luis Garay says:

The Roland FA08 piano sounds much better. The quality of the pianos give much to be desired, the korg brand should improve the quality of the pianos because yamaha and roland are much better.

Bashanvibe says:


Maxime Nicolas says:

ahahahahaha Mainstage 3 is far better and cost 30$ ^^

alphasxsignal says:

My Kronos 2 88key does wonders with sound I sample too.

Peter S. Dee says:

yes, but how do the keys *feel*? I’m simply stunned that Korg did not put after touch on this keyboard. they’ve abandoned it in so many synths, so I’ve abandoned Korg. Was really excited for this LS model, but it seems to be a wet squishy turd.

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