Is the MicroKorg Terrible? (Synth Vlog)

Is the MicroKorg a terrible synth? Are the minikeys too tiny and toy-like? For what it’s worth, I give a short vlog/overview of the MicroKorg’s cons or drawbacks, while discussing all the pros and why I love Korg’s little instrument. You be the judge and comment your thoughts below!

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The Guardian article on MicroKorg:

That annoying yet humorous Noisey article about how the MicroKorg sucks:

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Moop says:

This settles it, the MicroKorg is going to be my first synth

Talkbox: Mike Accardo says:

I love my MicroKorg. Best for playing the Talkbox.

Steve Blake says:

Microkorg is brilliant if you just spend time on it and learn. Just learn to spend time on it. Just spend your time. And learn. Can I say this any differently, to make that light bulb moment make a connection to an IGG (instant gratification generation)

Francesco Bologna says:

I love both microkorg and the mininova but sound engine wise, I wanted a synthesizer famous for the edm/trances sounds that gave the access virus a run for its money, so I went for the mininova

Don’t get me wrong, I still rent and play the microkorg

Lisandro Massa says:

I love microkorg on Azymuth

Sandwedge Dan says:

Which synths are cheaper and more feature packed? I’d love to buy one.

_ thebombdotcom03 _ says:

So my guitar center sells both the microkorg and the Roland jdxi. In terms of the vocoder, what are the differences between the two?

Paul Manning says:

They’re saying it’s bad because they can’t program it properly. I’ve been using synths since the 80s, and I have a MicroKorg. It’s a lovely little synth.

Sherane says:

Whoa.. the Griswald’s station wagon was boss! What are you scoffing at?? I’m so confused.

Doam Trumsky says:

if you have a problem with tiny keys, don’t buy a synth with tiny keys. simple as that really. and if you expect to be able to play the microkorg like a friggin grand piano, you’re plain stupid. no other musical instrument to date has made experimenting with sounds so accessible and affordable, hands down. wishing they were around when i was a kid.

J says:

What are some good, yet affordable (below $500) synthesizers that you can recommend?

jean luc Dubinator says:

i remooved the keyboard and rack ounted mine. its great little synth for cheap.

Vox Potentiae says:

I picked up the 10th Anniversary all-black version a little while ago second hand off of a friend-of-a-friend and I am thoroughly happy with this little synth. It’s not the be-all-end-all of machines, but it’s powerful enough and easy enough to use that I don’t regret picking it up at all. Hours of fun to be had with it.

Wabin22 says:

Very interesting thoughts here!
I’m new to synths and only been playing for about a year, and I’ve always liked the Microkorg.
I’ve never owned one though, and my current ones are a Korg Krome and a Arturia Minibrute SE which I’m both really happy with.
But I’ve been looking from time to time at the Microkorg just because it’s cheap price and it sounding a little interesting at points.
Sounds that I’m planing to use or want to use in my musical projects.

I agree the looks of it and feel can be a bit plastic and cheap in real life, but that doesn’t really bother me.
The real important thing is how it sounds and performs, how easy it is to work with.

Here in Sweden there are not many synths out there that are cheaper and better than this so I can understand why many people have bought it. You can however pick it up for a real cheap price on the second hand market which I’m thinking of doing at some point.
I recently saw an offer for used synths where you get the Microkorg XL, plus three different Volca’s for 400 dollars. You can’t really beat that 😛

In the end I think it is just like you say here, whether or not it’s good or bad it’s all up for you to decide if it’s something you need or want to add to your sound/music.

ryan tekulve says:

This was my first synth, I’ve had it for 8 years. I hate a lot of things about it but for my live setup I find it an incredibly effective and fun synth to use for risers, sound design and atmospheric transitions between songs. I never found it much good for leads, bass or arps and the filter sounds like shit but for programming weird sound design scuttles and cosmic spores, it’s fucking great!

Nicholas Zamir says:

“The retro look of it”. The thing came out in 2002. It’s incredibly outdated hardware. Even its successor, the XL (released in 2008) is about to be 10 years old. For a synth that came out over 15 years ago to still seriously be in production already says something. Anyone who buys a Microkorg at this point is probably an entry level synth player who wants something cheap, portable and servicable, and the Microkorg provides that. That’s all it was meant to be even way back in 2002. Of course it’s not going to compare to the latest and greatest synths.

RICK JONES says: …. this track was also done using one microkorg.even the glitch drum tracks [ by playing old drum machine into its filter channels]

Patrick Stutt says:

I do a lot of home recording (mostly ambient guitar) and I bought one of these as I wanted to add a it more depth to what I was doing and I love it. It definitely has flaws but it’s actually a really great creative tool, No it’s not a Moog (of course it isn’t) but I have no regrets about getting it.

Adrian Mee says:

The people who hate the Microkorg have unrealistic expectations. They seem to think a small, inexpensive synth should be all analogue, have one knob per function, 88 full sized, weighted keys, aftertouch and sound like a vintage Minimoog. It’s actually a really useful little synth and it sounds good. It’s not a substitute for a stage piano or a Buchla 100, though.

Richard Luna says:

Is the micro korg a plug in outlet and play? Or do you have to plug it in the computer to be able to use it?

Sherane says:

Tiny Keys? It’s got the word MICRO in the name. Lmao. Maybe get a different synth.. ?? (Without the word MICRO in name. Lol)


This is Sparta!

Pylon says:

The mini keys that they use nowadays (minilogue, monologue, rk-100s, etc-) are actually quite nice, they are more like full sized keys that are just scaled down. Compared to the microkorg’s keys i would say the new ones are a big upgrade from the microkorg.

Ronnie Perez says:

I never enjoyed the interface, the panel is not very intuitive at all. I could never figure out how to work it. But it undeniably sounds very good. I would never deter someone from getting one, it’s a classic in its own right.

Snuppeluppen søppelsopp says:

Korg is the Company that made the Korg PS-3300, Korg Wavestation, Kronos, Oasys, Z1, Trident. The Micro korg is a toy in comparison. Its dreadful Construction and its harsh sounding sound engine from the Cold MS2000 makes this korgs worst synth to date. The Radias is much better. I highly recommend buying a used King Korg, they go cheaply now in these days and sounds fantastic, its a versatile powerhouse of a machine, its sound engine shares some DNA With the Micro korg, but has come so much longer in its evolution.

GreenHoleSun says:

It seems that a lot of people hate the microkorg, but for sure a lot of people bought it and still buy it.
In my opinion nowadays it is really outdated and there is no good reason to choose it from all the options avaible, but people often simply do what other people do…the fact that excellent musicians use the microkorg does not mean much to me: a good musician coud effectively use anything to make music, and the microkorg is (like it or not) a classic.
As a first synth, I would suggest the korg minilougue or even a roland jdxi or yamaha reface (dx or cs, depending if you prefer FM synthesis or traditional subctractive synthesis) better synths also for educational purpouse.

Danny King says:

my micro korg as fallen of a counter top on to concrete,dropped it a few times,spilt beer on it,and a full cup of coffee.its been taken apart and cleaned twice.a few snapped keys super glued back on but still works perfectly and sounds great.

terrycloth verysoft says:

laughed at the national lampoon vacation car reference 🙂 ill never look at one of these the same. check out this video. it uses the microkorg in this song and it doesnt sound bad at all:

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