Intellijel Atlantis Eurorack Synthesizer Voice Review

Complete synth voice in a single Eurorack module. Inspired by the Roland SH101. We take a look


Vuduman says:

filter self-oscillate?

Lars UK says:

Great video. Love the “vowely” sound at 14:00. How can this be created with other traditional synth?

Daniyal Ahmed says:

Wow this actually sounds fantastic! Definitely getting one

Juice Patrol says:

def on my to buy list. Cheaper than a 101 and fully patch-able. Still wish it was a bit cheaper though..

Pete Brown says:

Great review. If not for this video, I wouldn’t know the capabilities of this module, as even the Intellijel video doesn’t explain it well.

Plonkuss says:

hey nick great video, i see you have arutira beatstep do have any plans to do a video on that any time soon how are you finding it vs the mico brute sequencer and do think the beatstep could work as poor man drum machine in terms of control and sequencing thanks 🙂

Brian Bush says:

Nick, I absolutely love your reviews. One thing I can count on is your thorough reviews and this one is a fine exemplar. Thanks!

pcuimac says:

It does not sound bad, but it’s obvious that most ‘analog’ OSCs can not produce pure squares, triangles and sawtooth signals! Of course we know that from university lectures. Maybe that’s why ‘digital’ sounds not warm enough? Of course digital can also reproduce such waves as shown here.

juno6 says:

Excellent review! It sounds really nice.

tonymasiello says:

I see this is a few years old. If you were looking for a synth voice module today, what would it be? Would you choose the Atlantis over the A-111-5 (which seems hard to find these days). Great video!

Plonkuss says:

hey Nick and youtube NIck as you are midi wizard do you think you could give me some advice or link me to some info on how to map midi nrpn message (in hex) that have a a range over 127 eg mopho filter cut off  which range is 164 to novation impulse i just can not seem to get my head round how to do it thanks 🙂

electricpoems says:

Review Mutable Instrument’s Braids, please

Ian Hoffman says:

The problem you’re having with the vibrato scaling is because you’re doing exponential vibrato – it should be linear!

Kohntarkosz says:

Thanks for this video! I’m getting ready to take the dive into modular synth land soon, and I’ve been considering the Atlantis as my “starter kit” as we say here in the States. You basically answer all the questions I had about the Atlantis, and did a good job of demonstrating what it sounds.

BTW, I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but while the Atlantis might seem a bit pricey, I think it might be a bit of a bargain. I did some price comparisons on Modular Grid, and according to my calculations, to buy individual modules that will allow you to do everything the Atlantis can do, it would cost you another couple hundred dollars US above the Atlantis price tag. Thus it strikes me as a way forward, as it were, if you’re new to modular synths and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a bunch of modules.

Kamil Kisiel says:

Great review. Doubly entertaining if you enable the automatic english captions.

Jyoti Mishra says:

Mmmm… tasty… 

thomas Shea says:


Mattlethew says:

I’m new to eurorack. Can you explain me how I could control this by midi ? Should I need a usb or midi to VC converter ? thanks

KoryB says:

If I’m not mistaken, Nick appeared to be having fun with this synth….

plasma force says:

badass little synth

Steven Morris says:

11:05 sounds SO fantastic!! One of the many reasons I keep watching this video 0_0.

Paul Johnson says:

Just got mine. 🙂

nektar says:

Love it, great interface which means banging out basic patches quickly without having to patch lots of cables in. And obviously enough patch points to go mental with the rest of the modules in your skip.

C Math says:

Nice demo of the MFB Dominion and the Atlantis.I noticed an improvement in the audio quality of this demo vs the demo for the Doepher Dark Energy in 09.Can you share what the main difference from then and now or explain your signal chain here?THX!!!.Are those 500 series preamps in the rack?Thx again

nektar says:

Got it last week. L O V E  I T!

verve92 says:

+sonicstate The arp you were using at the 10:00 mark. Was that via the controller or does the unit have an onboard arpeggiator??

michael matos says:

Yes, it comes with a monocle and a copy of nickleback’s latest opus for use with seriös musical endeavors.

Greg Gibbons says:

Been looking forward to this review!

Plonkuss says:


troublesleep says:

Hey Nick when are you gonna review the BeatStep? It’s just sitting off to the side there unannounced! A lot of people have reported problems with its CV/gate output – even with Arturia synths. Did you have any issues patching it in?

Dieter Herten says:

What is new with this mono Synth? Is it only for Freaks or can you use it for seriös Music?

Kevin Harris says:

I’ve had this synth since it first came out. Its still my favorite synthesizer. I built up a huge euro system, sold of most of it, but still have the Atlantis, a couple of other VCO’s, sequencers, and filters, add in a mixer and I’m happy. Mostly just couldn’t live without the Atlantis.

mCKENIC says:

Thanks for the review Nick! What a versatile and great sounding bit of kit! It certainly nails that Roland rubbery sound to my ears!

Quite surprised about the faders & switches – Intellijel are usually SUPER precise and reliable. Its one of the things they are known for! But I do know they offer excellent support should anything go wrong – my uStep, uScale, Cyclebox&Expander are three of my favourite modules!

Pete Brown says:

Did you get to review the metropolis while you were at it? There’s one video here on YT showing both this and the metropolis together and it sounds *fantastic*.

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