How to make Bass Sounds using Arturia MicroBrute

We show you how to make powerful bass sounds using Arturia’s MicroBrute. This is also a great way to learn how to use this awesome fully analog synthesiser and the techniques here are universal so it can be applied to all sound design.

NOTE: All sounds you hear in this video are unprocessed, so you can hear the raw sound coming from this synthesiser.

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Филипп says:

the name promised I’ll learn how to make bass sounds, but you actually told us everything about sound synthesis in general and on this synth specifically. Thanks a lot!

elastic8 says:

really well explained! great vid!

UnitedPebbles says:

Complex.  Talking ’bout music theory, organ, energy, and then electronics–all in one field.  Most are just applicator or technologist?

Andrew Munsterman says:

can You play a pattern without hold down the key the whole time?

iiimusika says:


Damien h says:

this guy is great. thanks for putting in the time to do these vids!

Jackson Williams says:

8:45 “Young teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy…”

Maddolis says:

Great, informative video!

martin984 says:

are these full size keys?

Jimmy LovDub says:

Thanks for your time and video!

Zoyander Street says:

omg THANK YOU! This is such a great explanation of not just the Microbrute but of how to put the fundamental principles of synthesis in practice. You’re a great teacher!

Adamski A. says:

im still confused as to how the microbrutes sub osc works amd why its called overtone as a pose to just a sub osc. I heard in some videos that it brings in a square a fifth apart not full octave. Hope someone reads this and answers my query thanks. 🙂

Chris Reilly-Finch says:

Just got a microbrute and and I’m a total synth noobie. Thanks for this video!

Bob Job says:

how to make bass sounds….just use a lower octave duh…..lmao!!

Niall O'Brien says:

I just bought this synth today and this video really explained everything very well for a beginner like myself. Thank you. ☺

- says:

that’s pretty incredible, right?

Manuel Gonzales says:

Nice little primer. Not too technical. I’m interested in using the pattern functions.

Alex says:

really helpful video

Kieren Moore says:

Maybe if it ran on batteries. I’m leaning to the Monologue though, with its sequencer, too.
Anyone else had to make this decision lately? What was the deciding factor(s) for you?

Nathan Hassall says:

I still cant make any sounds! No sound at all

Rainbow Sam says:

Amazing demo dang you’re good at this. Thx it’s pretty cool indeed

andy johnson says:

thank you very helpful !! more  please ??

guitarman122763 says:

i,d like to see how to set up a drum machine with it and sync them together ! very good tutorial …

jayray104 says:

How would i record from this synth to make mini soundtracks to put on Youtube?

Markotik G says:

Love this synth so much – powerful and flexible for the price and am always finding new tricks and effects to use… but this video is awesome mate. Thank you so much…

supercommando440 says:

There’s nothing bad about editing PRESETS.

Steve Wiegand says:

Thank you for this!!!!!!

Bungle Bongle says:

Great vid! Explained it really well

Will Pearce says:

Excellent video, thanks man. Now I know have some idea of what I’m actually doing, instead of just aimlessly twiddling knobs.

Graziano Di Martino says:

“Cool right?” My new go to phrase. You rock thank you!

Wouter Theron says:

Excellent video, thank you

NoChrReq says:

as a bass player who likes funk and disco and who’s in love with bass synth (thanks to into the groove by madonna) and looking to dive into synth world, you, sir, you are the best person out there who dared to make a tutorial video for those who don’t have a single idea about all this electronic mess. thank you from the deep within my heart! straight to the point, very clear, concise introduction!

adamoliver82 says:

really great video, I’m looking at buying one of these as my first synth. I’ve not been sure but your video has made helped me make that decision

guitarman122763 says:

does,nt the sequencer work without holding your finger on the key ?

1VperOctave says:

Excellent tutorial, very well paced, no umms, and ahhs, just great presentation. Clearly, you thought this out and planned before recording 🙂
Liked, already subscribed. Thank You!

Made in Dortmund says:

amazing tutorial, I just learned how a synthesizer works in about 15 minutes. And btw: nice indian accent filter fx in the voice! 😉

Punishment Television says:

I just want to get this thing and play with it for hours.

David Stretch says:

Incredible video, thank you so much!

Protoka says:

I accidentally got the minibrute instead. They are different.

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