Hands-On Review: Moog Sub 37 Analog Synthesizer

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Moog’s new analog synthesizer sounds terrific and features a lot of hands on controls for easy sound tweaking during performance. In addition to monophonic sounds, it’s duo mode allows you to play two notes at once. Also, it’s simple but powerful arpeggiator/sequencer, LFOs, and looping envelopes can all be locked to a master clock for exciting rhythm effects.


Craig Campbell says:

An excellent, informative, in-depth review. At last! Thank you.

vistacruiser70s says:

The older mini sound is better, but nice demo.

electric987789 says:

Great review very informative! 2 questions though. Is there a regular piano preset on it? Also wondering if it would be possible to create a synth preset on Massive for example then load it into the Moog for further tweaking and vice versa? or is it not possible to save new presets? Thank you!

rss313 says:

15:17 whoah, why do the lights there look red? it doesn’t come in anything but yellow… tell me theres a mod!

Ronnie Perez says:

Thank you guys for always being so thorough with your reviews. I am thoroughly impressed with the features listed here, and I don’t expect to have any unwelcome surprises now when I get my hands on it. I was mostly concerned with the sequencer, and you guys were the only ones to actually demonstrate it fully from start to finish. Thank you!

George Lynch says:

keybed is off on that one, terrible quality control. i had same issue on sub phatty.

Digiphex Electronics says:

This guy reviewed the RYTM and did a fantastic and logical job, and no less here. Very complete information.

brendon moeller says:

fantastic looking and sounding synth. thx for the informative video. wish moog would release this as a desktop module without the keyboard 🙂

teaaquinn says:

good demo

beakf1 says:

dam you do good reviews.

Benjamin Rosfeld says:

I played one at their store. Incredibly fun.

Dominic Stocker says:

My sub 37 wobbles a bit when I stand it on a flat surface. Is this the case with every Sub 37?

Mark Holloway says:

This video is so good I feel like it should be the first video every new Sub 37 owner watches before digging into the interface. It’s somewhere between a Review and a fantastic Tutorial!


+B and H
Moog was left behind long ago. Its only got one great sound and. Thats the bass on records like Michael Jacksons Thriller. For what it is youre paying a premium. Even Yamahas REFACE CS will rip this a new one for sonic palette at a third of the price. And thats 8 note poly so dreamy pads are possible aswell as killer bass and drumkits.
What Moogs manufacturers should have done is put out a new polyphonic synth with that can challenge all the big players.
Instead theyre stuck on the same limited mono track. Living off the name. And I have to agree with the guy that said the BASS STATION II is just as good. Because he is right. The BASS STATION is basically this in a much neater portable form at a third of the price.

Stratman says:

I have always dreamed of owning a Moog.The sub 37 is destined to be a classic in time, The Bob Moog tribute model. This should always go up in value if you take care of it. Think of it as an investment you can play!

f*ck google says:

zaxxors revenge!!!


Great review Thanks.

Rami Shalom says:

just to know 1/4″ in % out 
the output of the moog sub37  is stereo signal?

soancar says:

Very complete review. Much more like a tutorial in some aspects. Very useful. Thanks.

LF0 says:

Good review, sounds thick enough, fully loaded…but totally uninspired presets again.

Jetset Willy says:

Undislikable device !
I wish that all reviews were good as this .

Hummelsbusch says:

First place to go for very good and tutorial-like reviews. You guys do an excellent job, much more information on this beautiful piece of machinery than on the site of the manufacturer itself. Thank you!

Don Droege says:

I would have liked to have seen a better display but I’m old and my eyes are failing me. The display would be useless on stage.

Brandon Opalka says:

send me mine already?

lietmar liet says:

Good review but under 5 octaves is not a real instrument but just a toy.

Greg Wolcott says:

Hey moog! Make a full poly already!

sokoleski says:

Thanks Rob ! Exxelent reviews as always , clear and relevant !

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