Dreadbox NYX Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer Review: Tricky But Amazing

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► 1 month of testing is now over and the Dreadbox NYX test unit must leave my room again. The Dreadbox NYX is a paraphonic analog Synthesizer handmade in Greece. It features two oscillators, a dual filter, a deep routing and modulation architecture and a reverb. In short, it’s an amazing analog Synthesizer with a very own character but the workflow is a bit tricky. In this video, you receive my review of the NYX Synthesizer.

►Written review: http://bit.ly/2udDHdO
►Available here: http://bit.ly/2r9NLnF

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VTOLKits says:

I like the separate glide parameter for each oscillator, sounds good with delay.

Anhba Shaffer says:

I’m not a newbie, but I still have a ways to go. This synth is the most fun I’ve had since I started on synths 2 years ago. Discovering/learning a lot with this one. The sound makes one want to explore. Your videos are a good first step on this journey. Thanks.


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Geir S says:

Thanks for this presentation, you do a great job of explaining this confusing but wonderful synth!

VTOLKits says:

I hope you can review the new “Roland SE-02” soon, i think its a beast.

jonas eggen says:

I have a question for you.
I started a bit over a year ago with synths. First an Arturia microbrute, that I think is a good entry level synth, and then later a Korg Volca Sample that I don’t like because of tiny knobs, impracticality and bad customer support. I got a mother 32 this summer and love the sound of it more than I expected, as I initially thought that Moog was hyped.
I’m thinking about getting another mum, a Pittsburgh vs-1 or a Dreadbox Nyx. From what I hear on youtube it seems like the Nyx has a deeper, fuller sound than the vs-1, but that the vs-1 has more options. The reverb on the Nyx might be the main reason for this and as I plan to get the Empress reverb It might make more sense to get the Vs-1. I’m also a bit worried about the pitch issue on the nyx, but not so much about the difficulties to understand as my guess is that the vs-1 is also hard to master. I don’t really understand my synths anyway, but know from experiments and reading what works and what not to do.
I also got an Arturia Keystep, so the arpegiator on the vs-1 might be less useful for me, and on the other hand it might be the oscillators or the filters that mostly set these two units apart sound vise. The Mother I know from personal experience is good and that a 32 + 32 in this case is more than 64.
I make sad ambient and drone stuff by the way.
Do you have any advice or opinion on this?


Written review is available here: http://bit.ly/2udDHdO

Parthyme Lintilla says:

I played the NYX through midi omni with Arturia Beatstep Pro seq1 and seq2 simultaneously, wonderful ! And the NYX is much richer in sound palette than the MM32, SV1 or the 0-C. No user manual needed, contrary to the other synths, just play and make music instead of studying science.

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