Dreadbox NYX Analog Desktop Synthesizer – Sonic LAB Review

The latest desktop analog synth from Greek manufacturer
Dreadbox. 2 Oscillators, Dual Filter and a massive reverb.
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Fred Liviou says:

A saw wave which is not a saw wave, a square which sounds like a saw one and so which is not a real square wave, , a filter which is not self resonant…..thank you very much for your video. Thanks to it I know I will never buy this unit. The Moog Mother 32 is far better for the same price.

Danny Peculiarbleeps says:

Nick, why have you become so unforgiving? I’ve heard you give massive praise to much weaker synthesizers in the first 3 minutes of a review. Weather this synth is too complex is so unimportant when it sounds 10 times better than something with an easier interface. I’ve had mine for 3 months, and I still can’t get enough of its character. To anyone reading this – BUY THIS SYNTH. PERIOD.

Pete Brown says:

Spot on review. I love dreadbox stuff for the sound, but they sometimes miss on the circuits around the sound. Nevertheless, I love both the Nyx and the Erebus, and lust after their modular stuff.

Harvey Rothman says:

Can this be linked up to the Erebus for polyphony?

John Middleton says:

Sounds great. Not like Blade Runner though, more like Pertwee era Doctor Who.

Kevin Wyers says:

How can. £500 synth not respond to velocity! Unless your down to make the OST for Blade Runner 3 just stick with Erebus and just buy a reverb pedal

spacezignul says:

the sounds out of this thing are astonishing, future classic without a doubt

Lee Malcolm says:

Plenty of girth! 🙂

Nick Herman says:

It sounds good, but at least speaking as a North American, it doesn’t seem to really be breaking any new ground that Studio Electronics didn’t already accomplish through their Boomstars (and have now surpassed in a way more modular format with the Tonestars IMO). In the US you can get them for around $600 used or less sometimes, which is crazy for the quality. You can get a fully modular SE Tonestar for mid 400s and add another oscillator in, and then you basically have either one in most respects + its almost fully modular. I guess this is just strictly for the European consumers then who can’t get SE stuff very easily or cheaply?

Pulse2AM says:

Too much for my feeble brain but it sounds great!

antfactor says:

another fantastic demo/review – as always.

Franklin van Ipenburg says:

It’s the first time my wife said “You must buy this synth” while I was watching this video! Normally she ask why the hell I want another synth again. Thanks for convincing her (and me)! I guess I can start saving money for this baby.

Matheus Leston says:

22:10 nick is going Oo

Marcus Spitz says:

I want to love this but I’m skeptical. I had an Erebus and the build quality was subpar. It went out of tune horrendously quickly, which is inexcusable for a $600 box. Great for noise/effects, but it sounded too beautiful to not be a bass or lead. Either way, I hope Dreadbox figures it out.

Rich Newman says:

Share that last patch you created with us! Seriously, a great sound!

Constantine Slik says:

20:30 Nick’s pants jizzed

Jason Beatty says:

That reverb tho.

meccanised says:

can see the LED through Nicks fingers, crazy

Dare Ostag says:

does it have presets, or the ability to save patches?

Huff Talbot says:

A very interesting sounding synth, I would rather have one of these than a Novation Peak or a Matrixbrute, alas they probably aren’t going to be easy to get hold of in New Zealand.

Geert R says:

a blade runner machine? SOLD!

Angelstar Scotland says:

Oh no…….. Bought an Erebus in January…… temptation temptation setting in……. great review Nick

Martin Rotaveria says:

Nice ending track!

Swiss Milk says:

yep, that’s always a good thing!

Bruno Wiebelt says:

thanks Nick wonderful. That was almost Bladrunner 2049 at the end.

Angelos Dorizas says:

given the crisis and general tax and economic scenario in Greece, these guys are going against all odds. big kudos to dreadbox for another massive machine

liquidghondi says:

This reminds me of the Forbidden Planet Soundtrack!

once upon a synth says:

Sounds lovely! Thanks for the great review!

Roger Huxley says:


Eirik Johnsbråten says:

Lovely. Just wish it was stereo…

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