DeepMind 12 Review – Exclusive Sonic LAB

We take a look at the much anticipated Behringer DeepMind 12 analog poly synth.
(note: 1024 internal patch memories)

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petrokemikal says:

I would have been delighted with 8 voices in exchange for the Juno chorus..
But I still couldn’t take it away from Behringer at this stage.. Its a lovely Machine..

C-Jay says:

still, for a bit more considering the rev2. really need to get my hands on both…


Green Phosphorus says:

Imho, this synth is just a better and much better value synth than the Roland System 8.

M N says:

You do a marvelous review here. I’ve had the DeepMind now for less than a month, and at first, really loved it. I’ve had some quality issues…a biggie now, that I can’t live with…sounds freeze and stick “on,” so that when I change to a new program, that program then sounds without the keys being pressed, and I have no control over when it will stop or start this erratic behavior. I’ve had so many synths over the past 25 years, and have never seen this kind of crud. Hoping I just got a lemon, and can get it resolved. Just…beware…this is an overwhelmingly delightful instrument, and I suspect it’s got some bugs that need to be worked out. Hopefully with firmware upgrades, etc. In the meantime, it’s barely usable for me.

Shadow Pilot says:

Whats the wi-fi security situation like? I’ll be damned if some Vegas DJs gonna hack my synth for the EDMs.

Djpaul 1210 says:

The display size/style is very reminiscent of a Casio FZ-1 sampler from waaay back in the day!

derek jurovich says:

when will you do a full review now that deepmind 12 is out ?

Delak 82 says:

this guy has an awesome job

T.I.N Mateus says:

I like it a lot,sounds and looks absolutely amazing and unique,BUT I read here and that there are many people complaining from software and hardware issues which should be kind of normal for a company that had never made a synthesizer before,You know the “baby decease” some new units can have,unless the company don’t fix them I may wait a while until Behringer start making proper ones.Ill wait for a year and see what will happen.

Dean Davis says:

I finally got my DM12 today and it has surpassed all of my expectations. This thing is pure dopeness, best investment I’ve EVER made…….. EVER !!!

lownrgy says:

this reminds so much matrix-12

Deepwatermusic says:

Good review Nick. One Question. How do you like the feel of the keyboard? I played one recently and was put off by it as it feels a bit too light and cheap. The unit I played was also experiencing a lot of stuck notes which required actually striking the note a couple of times to get it to stop. Since I sold Behringer in the past and experienced many issues with repairs this concerns me.

Anonymous Electronica ♪ says:

it sounds fukin ill

Daniel Lemos says:

Very nice and complete review, however I think this synth sounds so much like a digital machine than an analog vintage keyboard. Theres no way to compare this with the vintage keys as the Junos,etc or even with some of the new synths in the market as te Korg Minilogue for instance, wich have so much more that vintage tone due the vcos,etc so, its hard to like this one.

Cray says:

For someone who has owned all the great classic synths, Xpander, JP8 etc and is more into modular synths for the last 12 years and only really interested in creating experimental sounds. (check my YouTube)……would you go DM12 or Matrixbrute?

T.I.N Mateus says:

im gettimg this and the BigSky and…..and what else do I need?

gammaphonic says:

I’ve got a question. If this synth was engineered in the U.K., why is ‘analog’ spelt without the ‘ue’ at the end?

David Damjanović says:

I love the sound… I’m waiting for the desktop version.

Yavor Bachvarov says:

Are you planning to do one on the DeepMind 6 as well? Thanks!

bitleyTM says:

This is a TRULY COMPREHENSIVE demo and review Nick, very glad to see this. Waiting for delivery on my DM12 now, old Roland Juno / JX “buff” here.

Gibson Weasel says:

how long do these live for? I never buy Behringer stuff, horrible quality

Rei says:

Mm…. I’ll think about it.

Lee Simeone (Official) says:

@8:22 – Aphex Twin Ambient Works 😉

boltar2003 says:

Why is there a fan speed control? Thats just asking for trouble if someone turns it off on a hot day!

Dave Van den Eynde says:

27:00 is he having an orgasm?

William Mitchell says:

Great review. It inspired me to purchase the Deepmind 12. I arrived yesterday. I’m a bass player and will be using this for composing. I got fed up with menu-driven-mouse-ckicking-creativity-destroying software plugins and midi controllers, so I went with the DeepMind. I’m not a synth snob. It sounds gorgeous to my ears right out of the box. I’m sure it will inspire many future compositions. Also, as a bass player using this to compose, having the ability to quickly assigning whatever chords I want to single keys is invaluable.

Troll Masters says:

This is thing is SICK!!!! I’ve been making beats for some time now and I have been waiting for something like this.

blipblip88 says:

The ability to dial back the cooling fan speed is odd. In fact, I don’t know of any modern synths that even have a fan-Anyone?


nick, you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slam Blambacid says:

Can you modify two or three envelopes at once ?? ie. AMP+VCF… Pressing two buttons at the same time…

MoolahNasreddin says:

It costs ~ 1500$ in Moscow! It’s a shame I think.
But it’s a great synth. for the money it costs.
I’m on the way to make something by myself 🙂 So I’ll not buy it in a near future.

Intergaactic Seven says:

So this, mohpo x4, minilouge, Or analog 4?


Who else thinks this synth sounds kinda dark and in a way, dull? How close can this really be made to sound like a Juno? To me it sounds a little thinner than the Juno but also more bass. But I describe the sound as also duller and more plastic than a Juno. I don’t know a whole lot about synthesis so what program changes can be made to sound this more like a Juno? To address these issues further when a Juno sound is desired? Turn the Low EQ down a little? How to sharpen the sound up? And what preamp can add more rolandish color and punch to the Deep Mind?

artilect 99 says:

Are there any standalone hardware FX units that offer the kind of routing options he shows around 25:00? Besides an eventide rack unit, I mean… something affordable? says:

Need a desktop version.

djugel says:

dammit … sold at the 21 min mark..

dog69420 says:

any news on the build quality of the final product

Tuze says:

Imo DCO is not the way to go, only (good) VCO for me.

bh617 says:

this looks like an absolute piece of shite but good price for the sound

Dylan says:

That screen just makes me want to play tetris

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