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In this video I’m doing a review of the Mopho synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments. It’s a monophonic analog synthesizer module that I’ve had for about a year. I love the aggressive analog sound it has, plus it doesn’t take up much space on my desktop. In this video I go through the front panel, go through some of the sounds, and show why I feel it’s definitely a great bargain for anyone looking to purchase an analog synthesizer.


Ty Finn says:

Why is everything that is affordable and sounds okay mono!? arg!

SoundsAndGear says:

thanks for watching, I see that supernova in your profile pic, do you own one? I used to have one back in the day, sold it, regret it, now I have an a station lol

Gary Heasley says:

I assume this just takes midi data from any midi keyboard (controller) and puts out either mono (as you have here) or stereo audio via 1/4″ TRS cables into your mixing desk? I’ve just come across one of these things so just looking clarification


michael mattox says:

Really great demo of this synth. You show actual “in use” programming and the viewer can see how convenient or not convenient Mopho’s workflow would be for them. Nice to see a lot of use of the filter feedback, too. Most Mopho vids are just people making basses and grippy noise.

skyhacker6 says:

The very beggining of the vidéo sounds like a rnb beat ! amazing ! ^^

SoundsAndGear says:

the novation ultranova

SoundsAndGear says:

thanks for watching

InDigoModular says:

I have EOWAVE Domino, so what do you think of it compare to Mopho? By the way, I like the first 15sec HipHop so much!

Tom Bennett says:

He was so in time speaking in that intro!

SoundsAndGear says:

I bought the upgraded knobs from the dave smith website

Mad Radiator says:

Just saw that someone else had asked the same question. Good deal. Thanks again for the vid.

Dragan Georgiev says:

nice 😉

palo569 says:

is it special version of the mopho? the knobs looks so nice on this one, where can i get the same?

SoundsAndGear says:

thanks for watching, I bought them from the DSI website, they sell the kit.

Ricardo López says:

Always helping me to decide what to buy. Thanks man for your great help as usual.

coldwar1977 says:

This is exactly the demo I wanted to see/hear. No newspeak or technical wizzardry, just a decent demonstration of useful sounds. The filter sounds AWESOME.

SoundsAndGear says:

glad to help man, thanks for watching!

YouTube, your website is deprecated. says:

Those are just the ones from the Prophet ’08 keyboard and Tetra module.

Bruna Mendez says:

Hi, I have a korg microKEY 37, I use it as a controller through a midi-USB cable? Would connect the midi in Mopho and the USB on controller.
They work like this?
(sorry for my english)

Daniel Lumertz says:

Can this make pads?

kolakube123 says:

Great review man. Thanks.

Gary Heasley says:

Thought so, thanks 🙂

SoundsAndGear says:

I just had it hooked up as mono at the time going into my mixer

YouTube, your website is deprecated. says:

Yes, I know — I was just telling that person because it seemed they hadn’t seen those knobs before 🙂

Kvesti's videos says:

You were the first one who showed how to edit sounds on the machine and explained it. Others only tell it is difficult. That was helpful. Thanks. 🙂

Axel Grönblad says:

thought this nigga was rappning at first..

SoundsAndGear says:

I wouldn’t use it for pads since it’s a mono synth

Wongsathorn sun says:

The best review

SoundsAndGear says:

Cool 🙂

SoundsAndGear says:

glad to help bro!

Alain Kalender says:

Where did u get the knobs?

SoundsAndGear says:

no problem!

SoundsAndGear says:

yep that’s exactly how it works, you are correct 🙂

SoundsAndGear says:

I ordered them directly from DSI

SoundsAndGear says:

they can be ordered from the DSI website

rachmaninoffxx Tuna says:

What an intro!!
I thought he was singing:-)

Jackgunn11 says:

is the first 15 seconds supposed to be a rap?

Mad Radiator says:

Thanks for the Mopho demo/review. Quick question. The knobs on your Mopho class it up a bit compared to the ones that come stock. Where did you pick these up? Thanks in advance.

SoundsAndGear says:

you can run audio through it if you wish, I don’t do it personally but I know others do.

Gloria Richardson says:

What keyboard you are using

Francisco R. Martins says:

could be a rap song haha

Ahmer Khan says:

First 15 secs I thought this guy was rapping lol

palo569 says:

thanx man! one last question why did you use only the left output for the audio?


SoundsAndGear says:

thanks for watching!

Joseph Brent says:

Great informative review, thank you — I was curious, if I wanted to run a guitar or violin through this, would I have to convert the signal to MIDI first, or can I run it straight into the audio input?

SoundsAndGear says:

@Francisco R. Martins hahahahahaha

Contrast Wax says:

Just spotted thst you have the minitaur on the comments, how did you over come the “hardware disconnected” issue when opening the VST? I have it but am about to return as it just won’t work!

SoundsAndGear says:

no lol

Francisco R. Martins says:

Your speech is totally synchronized with the beat man!

Quentin Krug-Basse says:

Did you changed the knobs? They look bigger

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