BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer Review by Sweetwater

Mitch Gallagher puts the BOSS SY-300 guitar synth to the test in this episode of Guitars and Gear. It’s BOSS’s most advanced guitar synthesizer yet: no special pickup is required, the tracking is ultra-fast, and it allows for polyphonic playing and tracks chords very well. Four footswitches allow you to switch presets as well as modulate the synth tone. Four built-in effects processors can be added anywhere in the internal signal path, and there’s even a send/return loop for adding external effects.

One extremely cool thing about the SY-300 is that the tone actually changes when you switch pickups on your guitar. That’s because the SY-300 is generating its sound based on what it’s hearing from your pickups. Factor in the ability to bend strings and play with vibrato, and you’ve got one of the most expressive guitar synth systems around.

If you want to extend your sonic range beyond typical guitar tones, the BOSS SY-300 is a great solution that doesn’t require you to add an extra pickup to your guitar. Thanks for watching!

Get the BOSS SY-300 guitar synth here:

Sweetwater’s Guitars and Gear, Vol. 130


Jade Pascual says:

ill just buy a keybord and get all that sounds

Cub Cubed says:

Good review. Thanks for going in-depth with it. I love the concept, and I can’t wait to try one for myself. The youtube demos of this thing are intensely sad and discouraging. But that’s how I feel about pretty much every guitar or effect demo out there. Off with your hair, youtube guitar demo makers!!!

Richard Stanley says:

I was hoping it would get Pat Metheny’s  tone from the song “Third Wind” …oh well. Actually on another demo from Boss itself I found two settings that had the Metheny vibe which is great for live playing.

Darrin Connor says:

Great demo I actually understood everything he said. Would love to have this. Great guitar player’s really have no use for pedal’s like this (if your not in a band) that’s why I need one.

Simon Runcorn says:

thnx for the review..

John Smith says:

Learn to play.


Anyone know if it’ll do a regular piano?

Javi G says:

I love how you really learn the stuff before you do your demos.
It’s so obvious that you know well what you are demoing in all your videos I’ve watched.
It’s refreshing watching someone who feels at hoe either programming a synth, an fx rack, or playing different styles at guitar.

Dave Rockk says:

I’m looking to do keyboard-like sounds on guitar for certain songs so we don’t have to hire a keyboardist. not sure of this will do the trick.

onsese joo says:

Try to sell this to someone with Les Paul – tube amp fixation in the search of THE sound, wondering why they don’t sound like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck.

Ken R.B. says:

Glitch free is cool, but the sounds are way cheesy. Let me know when Roland makes a guitar controller that can trigger this.

Rick Roche says:

Obviously this isn’t what I’m looking for unless we could access an external sound bank for convincing the audience they’re hearing other instruments?

Peter fujii says:

i was going to get one but so far i’ve watched 3 vids and so far it sound’s like a cheap horror seems like it track but on every sound you would not want to use,bummer.maybe later they will ad better tone’s.

SixOfNine says:

that is cool

Haluk Kiran says:

No pıano,Guıtar sounds??

clearlight808 says:

thers very little new here. this tech has been out since the vg99 in 2007 except its for regular guitar output. its not bad if you’re ok with oldish sounds and REFUSE to go 13pin/midi guitar.

Borge Olsen says:

why is it missing important synth features like release for pad sounds. not just delay and reverb?

Mike Hawk says:

Yuk ! Sounds very robotic, has a midrange honk that loses its warmth. I have heard the same sounds on Boss Gt Series pedalboards. LOL !! You rarely see anyone using these gadgets, most guitar players just play guitar and do not use toys to play for them, let your keyboardist or a tech perform gimmicks and save your cash. Great Ad though, very informative and Mitch tells it like it is.

J Mhr says:

Wow, perfect for all those Twilight Zone sound tracks we’re all working on!! But how about a great sounding synth-sax? Not so much. The SY300 seems to be little more than sound effects. One of the patches is called “Eat My Noise.” Not far from the truth, Boss. In this case, synth only means “synthetic,” unfortunately, not “synthesizer.” Yours for only $700 plus tax.

Dirty Donki says:

The best review/demo on YouTube by far.

BTsMusicChannel says:

Plus, it’s blue!

Tibor Sipos says:


TheCliffzone says:

If Randy Roads was still alive he would probably buy this in a heart beat. This thing seams to be awesome and im planing on buying one myself.

absinha6209 says:

Can the MIDI out control a an actual synthesizer?

Arya Afshar M. says:

I love this guy. Knows his shit. Speaks fast and not a lot. Plays a lot. If every pedal review was like this, imagine the millions of hours saved by people 🙂

Malcolm Browning says:

It sounds awful… why buy this when you could get a GR55 for only a little more cash.

Rockamps78 says:

I just tried one of these in at the local guitar store. I was extremely impressed with the “tracking”.
I am extremely disappointed though that the midi-out is just for switching functions and not converting the audio to midi. That would open up amazing new avenues to use with other software synths.
If that function could be developed in a way that isn’t super glitchy like many midi pickups, then that would be a dream for all guitar players. Oh well, maybe that is still many years away from reality.

sboriandolo says:

sincerely i don’t like this unit. i can’t explain this in english, but he used maybe a “gliss” because it is not in tune, and then the sounds and there is a short sustain.. by the way i use a program that i can use normal jack for to use midi guitar and it track perfectly

Rick Roche says:

Anybody out there that can replace my broken CASIO PG 380? I miss the totally usable sounds. This BOSS SY 300 wouldn’t do as good on my regular gigs where legit instrument sounds pay the bills! Gimme trumpets saxes, accordions, strings and Hammond organ!

Robert Head says:

Boss should hire this guy. He did an amazing job with this

TheTRUTH says:

How did you shed all that weight, man? You look awesome!

Manny Pelayo says:

Great review. Every other video is 80s looking dudes playing solos to every preset.

Oldie Goodie says:

Can the sounds on the unit be upgraded?

B.j. Surfdog says:

Wow. Considering Roland makes professional synths, this isn’t a huge surprise. If it ever discounts to half price I’ll get one.

Richard Stanley says:

I must confess – it is worth every dime.

villevn says:

Great review, good job.

Claudiu Cont says:

… it sounds like a true Vangelis tone, I already love this pedal so much, I want one !…

julienthomas14 says:

Hi, is it possible to play sounds of the roland integra-7 through the boss SY-300? Thanx

DrRussPhd says:

Nice demo . . but its still over priced. And it doesn’t get that nice fat Moog sound on any of the demos I’ve seen online.

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