Best Service TITAN 2 Synthesizer Review – Checking out TITAN 2 from Best Service, a synthesizer instrument that emulates 266 different synthesizers, from analog and digital hardware, to the most popular software instruments. Runs in the Engine 2 workstation.

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sparxx53 says:

Great demo

Manny L says:

Is this AAX compatible?

AndyMc Producer says:

Thanks for video dude.

Ave Mcree says:

I’m 100% sure someone asked this already but how much does this cost.?

nektarapt says:

that would be amazing, as its been a week of me trying to contact them and ive gotten no response.

Jose Maria esteller fuentes says:

Hi there, thx for ur reviews.. Can u say me if Titan2 arpegiators and sequences can sync to host application tempo ?? its important to know before bbuying… thx

Sambo187 says:

Hi is this compatible with Mac OS X 10.8.5 please anyone??

artillery says:

sounds amazing

Sean H says:

my vst messing up now its saying it cant find the sounds now and it needs a response code again after i had this for 4 months working

Master Mi says:

In the trailer for Titan 2 from Best Service they say:
“80 GB Original Sample Library – To Install Only 26 GB Inaudible Compression”.

Does it mean you can also install the full uncompressed 80 GB?
And what kind of compression is it? Data/bit rate/ bit depth compression or even dynamic range compression?
Know something about that stuff concerning Titan 2?

Newborn says:

nas will kill that beat or jada

Master Mi says:

And you can automate all those values and parameters of the interface within Titan 2?

Mark Heath says:

Dunno but I struggle to get a decent sound with software synths, they are too fiddly and all sound the same tinny stuff to me!

richard barrett says:

Take it from me if you interested in building your music library you’re gonna need about 3 terabyte hard drives (personal experience)

rabornmusic says:

Thanks so much for your super-helpful reviews!!!
I currently have Absynth 5 and a number of Heavyocity products. I have
been wanting to get another synth, but I don’t ever edit the presets,
etc. in Absynth anyway. Is this a good synth to get for someone who just
uses the presets, or would something else be better (Massive, Zebra,
etc.)? I normally do cinematic type music. Thanks!

nektarapt says:

ok so the first library contains two folders. presets and sections…i load both of those??

misanthropy says:

How do you install this damn thing man

Braulio Morales says:

YEAH BRUTHA ! I love Engine 2, cheers my mate !

nektarapt says:

yeah… i have it…i load it, save preferences reload the engine, and nothing comes up nothings changed no sign of presets….really frustrating been trying to get ahold of support for a while and no response. kinda just want my money back at this point…

Ronnald Rezende Machado says:

Amazing channel. Thank’s a lot.

STIG Zero says:

Hey bro, 
How do i get in touch with you to review my latest sample pack which has just came out?
It’s right up your street, 🙂

noa romana says:

Titan 2 looks amazing !! ,what version of Engine you need for this ?

Adam James says:

Hey you, thanks for reviewing Titan, i asked if you were going to and you have. I could watch your reviews for hours. So a question I’m wanting to gauge your thoughts on. Omnisphere or Titan. The price difference is huge. Titan library is massive it seems to cover off everything. Any thoughts ? Thanks from Down Under in Australia.

Rezwan Khan says:

bought it for $100

GFunkEra1992 says:

Huge !

xBrOwNeDoG says:

how does it work? do you have t download the engine 2 , then use all Best service plugins inside that?

james gray says:

Would you ever do a video on how to install forest Kingdom 2 on to your PC. I am having trouble putting the sounds in to the engine.

IC Manygrins says:

Great review.  Mr Tarilonte gave me a tip a few years ago when I was complaining about that expanding menu.  Click the Browser button at the top and there is a much easier interface for getting to sounds.  It is more like Kontakt or Alchemy.

Michael Peterwerth says:

THX a lot ! Seems to be a monster plugin ! How many GB is it ?

Darrell Stallings says:

im having an issue trying to get titan to read the sound files can you help

Oxcidize says:

Does this work in FL studio? Thanks!

Ave Mcree says:

I’m 100% sure someone asked this already but how much does this cost.?

SoundsAndGear says:

Word, really depends on what you’re looking for. I feel the browser really makes it cumbersome to work with, that’s Engine in general though @AAMediaMusic

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