Behringer Neutron Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer Review | SYNTH ANATOMY

The Behringer Neutron is a semi-modular analog Synthesizer with 2 oscillators based on the 3340 chips, multimode filter, 2 envelopes, 1 LFO, a BBD delay and big patch-bay. Here is my final review/impression of the Neutron!

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Eanna Butler says:

Maybe you should link to your “First Look” Neutron video in the Description area?

Sébastien Mercier says:

Mine is already pre ordered!

chao oline says:

what you say in 19:33 ? pls : a digldgker LFO ?

Marc Pinion says:

Best Nutron video I’ve seen

PaZaR média says:

I have only one question:
via on MIDI port can change all parameters (OSC, VFO, Envelope, Overdrive….) or only the note and other simple command can send it?

corner liston says:

Beware of what you say so you don’t get sued by Uli. Apparently he doesn’t like free speech.

1968heger says:

The Part with the sounds is the best, because I can hear only this great synthesizer

Empty Vessel - Sound Design says:

the drone at 16.30 is really great, there’s certainly a lot of possibilities in this little box – especially if you take the price into consideration. Great walkthrough and honest thoughts as always Tom.

TooSlowTube says:

I can’t make out the labels, on the patch bay. Does it have voltage control of resonance?

ProckGnosis says:

Gute Arbeit Tom. Vielleicht sollte dieses Ding mein B Model D ersetzen.

1968heger says:

This synthesizer is great, but your english is horror.


Behringer Neutron Synthesizer First Look Video:

Antonio229 says:

For some strange reason my Mother 32 is starting to lose its appeal.

MoolahNasreddin says:

Love that drone making part! BTW, Behringer named the price of 299$. So I don’t understand when you’ve got that 350 euro suddenly 🙂 Maybe it’s a price for Europe with taxes… i believe in this then. But not everybody are from Europe here 😉

bladerunner8261 says:

Great demo. Behringer are making great synths for the budget musician. Ironically their all so great I want to buy all of them!

George Ray says:

Nice review. I like your on screen notes. Here in the US, large on-line retailer is expecting fall delivery. I’m on the list and looking forward to it.

Matt Smith says:

It looks great, really an easy decision if you already have some eurorack modules, even easier still if you’re thinking of getting into eurorack. I don’t imagine the BBD noise would be too much of an issue, given you could always add a clean VST in post if you don’t want the character the onboard delay provides. Thanks for the review, an excellent job as usual.

von-für-wegen-gegen Olli says:

I’m using Behringer electronic for party and fun stuff for decades. Did they really now arrived in the pro-area?

Schnurzbolz says:

seems really like an interesting piece of synth, if i had the time (or not enough synth stuff already) i would get me one of these 🙂

Digital Diezel says:

This is going to set me back a bit, Prophet X here I come, BUT I gotta grab this neutron on the way home!

666JGNotts says:

Great review. thanks 🙂

VTOLKits says:

I like the bright red, like ferrari.

93extaz says:

So sad i canceled my preorder on Andertons.
Now i’ll have to wait till september at least.

Amæthron says:

I just cancled my order for the neutron… Getting delayed by 3 months now. Fucking sux. I’ll buy a tanzbär instead 🙂

Trade Whales says:

I hope they continue to give us more eurorack I’m waiting for mine in the fall

MarkoDeLaVoota says:

if it ain’t made out of beer cans its ok , what you mean by saying cheap aluminum ?
are you a metallurgist?

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