Behringer Model D Review (EB.TV Tech)

Techno stalwart Peter Van Hoesen puts the new Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer through its paces for Telekom Electronic Beats TV and It’s one of the most talked about synths to arrive in recent months, but can it live up to its reputation as an affordable alternative to the legendary Minimoog synthesizer? Van Hoesen gives us the lowdown.

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Lilak Monoke says:

the highpass cuts bass only if you keep the resonance low! at zero resonance its a perfect highpass, at full resonance its a notch filter. its has to do with the ladder filter and is explained here:

discotexas says:

damn i was hoping you spotted the 3rd oscillator on LFO mode open in the mixer producing really low pitch sounds. and you did. great review

creamforever2 says:

you’re so handsome, but you should save so many explanations and reduce the video up 3′, que eres tú muy listo y muy tonto at the same time

timothy harrison says:

think the hi pass was probably implimented for poly chaining

Moos Gummi says:

Wow, right now my favourite part starts at 13:03 . See, if I just turn up the volume of chanel 2, the beating between the oscillators matches the sequence´s rhythm perfectly. But wait, I only have to turn this one knob, and it sounds like shit instantaneously. So cool!

CmathTV says:

How are you getting 4 notes with 16 Gate trigs per note on a dark time? Are there 2 sequencers being used?

Dillip Phunbar says:

Excellent demonstration and well balanced assessment. The Model D does sound good and affordable but I’m not sure it’s worth it to me now that I have the Neutron, which is very good.

carl aylward says:

i wish video makers would make demo’s not useing sequencers and arpeggiators, as all synths sound the same ie pretty good, [ ie you cant rearly tell if the synth rearly sounds good or bad this way ] when you make demos like this. a demo should be made by seting a lead or bass sound then playing it from a keyboard to demobstrate what it would rearly sound like when useing it that way. i myself never , ever use sequencers and appagiators, i only use these kinds of synths foe lead /solo/bass sounds, but perhaps most people useing synths only as sequenced / appagiaters and cant play leads/solos/basses ? .

Matt Imielski says:

whats with the audio effects you put on this video? your voice sounds like benicio del toro in fear and loathing when hes dancing around looking like a demon and jonny depp is tripping out of his mind and asks Finish the fucking story, What happened? What about the glands?”

Rafael m says:

Awesome review

Juuso says:

Is it just me or does he have a enigmatic/murderous looking stare? 😉

Roody Call says:

is this sponsored by t mobile ?

Promethious B says:

Great video man,,,i learnt loads from this one video,…your review was so helpful.

Michiel Demarey says:

It sounds better than the Moog Voyager, incredible!

Wilma Feuerstein says:

he looks like a serialkiller xD

Zelamir says:

Hello Peter, thanks a lot for this informative review! Could you please say a bit regarding oscillator tuning stability. As you probably know there are some sources on the web, where unintended (de)tuning of the Model D oscillators is mentioned. Did you make the same experience?

Mark Stewart says:

Now it’s time to dance mein sprockets!

ingver13 says:

‘Hello world’?! That’s funny…

Jamie Vorne says:

Behringer really upping there game recently …… Well done guys impressive x

audiotone says:

Just got mine,and boy what a embarrassment for moot, I had the model d reissue and loved the Keyboard
, but it was so boring for 2016, and the scratchy wheel and limited midi, so $3500 vs $299, damn, that is crazy, moog and all of them have been killing us with prices, it’s missing some depth, but it’s close, and with a good pre it’s a no brainer, moog is really screwing up, wow,

UFO LFO says:

Where is the monkey ?


I’m definitely spending $2700 for sturdier knobs.

Never Knowing Peace says:

How are you making the tempo go faster?

Nicholas Sans Pasty says:

<3 Behringer they really did a good job with this, in the end, it sounds very good. Not cold at all as many modern analogue synths do.

Never Knowing Peace says:

Like how do you make the rhythms on synths (I am very new to

audiotone says:

It’s like a body builder at 300 pounds and one at 150 pounds, they both look good, just one is stronger than the other, but not by much?

audiotone says:

Moog quality sucks, sub37 is junk, so yea, cheapo behringer go’s out in front, who would of thought that 10 years ago.

Modular Mountain says:

I just got the D and Dark Time because of this video. Excellent use of the gear mate. Cheers.

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