BEHRINGER MODEL D REVIEW and 15-minute manual

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The Behringer Model D is an homage (or clone, depending on your point of view…) to the classic and legendary Minimoog Model D.

Behringer’s main achievement, aside from creating a faithful and great sounding synth, is pricing it at $300. In this video I review some of the “cons” of this synth, and the many “pros” that make it a very enjoyable synthesizer, including three oscillators, a classic ladder filter, 5 modulation sources, two envelopes, two LFOs and a small but capable set of patch points.

Gear used alongside the D:
The Arturia Keystep
Cremacaffe Kosmo stand


Soi11 says:

Brilliant tutorial for both this machine and any modular synth. Thanks so much! Btw, that’s a bummer about the tunning. That was an issue I had with my Microbrute (which I still love).

RicardoDiLago says:

excelent reviews you do, great!

cuba1956 says:

Great walkthrough, as usual!

Two-Dog James says:

Thank you for this tutorial. For many Model D Owners, this will be their first synth, and such a clear explanation of its various functions will be a great boon.

Herbert van Hoogdalem says:

Nice vid. What gear/software are you using as Osc/Specrum analyzer?

Adamski A. says:

Great instructional coverage . I bet even beginners grasped this. The layout of this synth is very intuitive and mainly straight foward.

Anoop Sahal says:

Yikes! the oscillator drift has put me right off!. I do not have the skills to do all that calibration stuff. Does the neutron have the same issues? Otherwise a nice machine , yet another fat synth, is there room for any more? Very professionally  reviewed with some very, very useful and welcome opinions. The index is a genius addition

Martin Doudoroff says:

Slick demo and a decent concise intro to subtractive synthesis. That’s a lot of value for $300 bucks.

Sascha Portz says:

best review so far!

CloudSounds! says:

Thanks for that. I bought this little beast two months ago and did not have enough time to dive deeper into it. So, this helps a lot! As always, a fantastic video!

Apollo Sillen says:

Lovely! Saves me from reading the manual. Would love to see you hooking up some other modules

Yonga Sun says:

Is the calibration you mention @2:15 different from this procedure described by Behringer?

Valdis Krebs says:

WTF? @2:15 I will stick with the Moog Model D … on my iPad! Otherwise, another great detailed review.

girl in a gale says:

That ELP intro is great! And what a fine synth it is.

Tom Toms says:

More please best review on YouTube

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