Behringer Model D Analog Synthesizer Module Review

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It’s all there. Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher demonstrates the three punchy oscillators, classic 24dB/octave voltage-controlled filter with resonance, envelopes, LFO, portamento, and more. All instantly familiar — only smaller. The Behringer D is a Eurorack-sized reincarnation of the legendary analog monosynth that started it all. From fat pulsing basses to searing leads to celestial pads: the Behringer D puts a world of musical expression under your fingertips.


Chris Strobel says:

My Sweetwater rep just told me the D has been pushed back to December .. ohh well .. will make a nice Christmas present 🙂

James Hastings-Trew says:

Take my money! Any idea when this will be for sale to the unwashed?

smaragdschloss X says:

I would also like a Farfisa Syntorchestra, Korg 800-DV, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Korg VC-10, Roland Jupiter 4, E-Mu Emulator II, a Korg PE-1000, a Korg Lambda ES 50 and a PPG Wave 2.3 clone. And a cheap Moog Taurus pedal.

Jim Gross says:

This is 2112 in a tiny box 🙂

Benjamin Rosfeld says:

Heard some Keith Emerson-y stuff in here

Neil Barbu says:

Tanks loads Daniel, I’ll see you soon hopefully.

Moogcraft 32 says:

This thing looks fantastic, I think I know what synth I’m getting this holiday 😉

Synthesizer Home says:

Make MOOG great again! 😉

Doppler says:

Do I want this, SE02 or monologue? I’m interested in versatility

KharmaAndSound says:

the fact that this can go into someones eurorack setup is genius. Say what you want about it’s inferiority to the pure breed lineage of Moog.. (cough cough) An affordable easily transportable eurorack model D. I’m absolutely sold.
Maybe I’ll sell my sub37 ; )

Synth Builder says:

£454 in the UK!!! – Why is Behringer ripping off it’s European customers? At this price, I’ll be going for the SE-02 instead.

Jeff Jenkins says:

I’ve never understood taking an analog synth sound, and soaking it through digital effects. It doesn’t sound analog anymore. You may as well just get an analog modeling synth. Same sonic outcome!

Wavesequencer says:

When can I buy this? Having trouble holding off buying some other analog mono-synths in this price range. Come on guys!

beelofi says:

When is this coming out? I noticed the preorder page is gone. I am lucky to already own an old Model D, but this would be perfect for gigging

Ambient Sequential Synth Performer says:

Amazing times for synth players and sound designers!!!!! Cute logo “D” and a little tiny Behringer 🙂

off711 says:

When is it in stock? Can you control it with a usb keyboard?

tenchu Georg says:


padlockbeats says:

I wish the midi io was on the back…

guitartoneaa says:

In the mix no body cares, if it sounds good who cares, i purchased the first sub 37, quality was crap, i played one again and it was broke, so quality is something thats not seen that often, purchased the new oberheim tva , cheap plastic, sounded great, but sequencer was un usable, knobs are 2 cent knobs so made in america comes at a high price but quality is not as good as it use to be, you dont have to pay all that money for this stuff any more simple as that but if you want to, go ahead be my guess i dont care its your money not mines.

meneerjansen00 says:

I’ve seen reviews of this thing for months now. When will Behringer actually release it?

Kim Diez says:

I’m waiting for Phil Pots I think it is, to call me back and probably pre-order me one of these even though I have quite a few monophonic analogs. I mean, for how good this sounds and for just having knobs and 3 oscillators is worth having it !! And just for $299 man oh man !! And thank you Dan for being straight forward for every product you review, you are good at it and always un-biased. I just talked to one of your co-workers on the phone named Dylan, he was nice as could be to me and talked very good about you. That says and means a lot about you and the company SweetWater ….keep up the good work !! Kim Diez

guitartoneaa says:

I can afford them all but i choose not to fall for the hype, only synth im interested i. That has good quality and a great sound is the cs80, but way over priced and will have hard time finding parts, so the age of the over hyped synth is over, kids dont care you can process, and make damn near anything sound good. Try comparing a $4000 strat to a $700 strat in the mix and some people can not tell the difference, thats a huge price difference.for a slight difference in sound, evey thing is over price except peoples wages.

Rob Moses says:

I find it ace that a company somewhere on earth realises not everyone is minted and willing to spend ex amounts of cash on a classic synth. The dislike from people who own/recently purchased a model D is understandable but for people who are really wanting to get into the music tech world in general this is great. Saves a lot of messing about getting VSTs that dream of being able to sound like the real thing. Most purists will disgree with Behringer’s choice to remake this synth as all they want to hear is real Moog. In my opinion I give Behringer a massive thumbs up because it gives the younger generation a chance to experince something usually out of their reach.

L77kim77l says:

It has no reverb included? btw this synth sounds amazing

Ohstirfry /Julian F. Cosgrove says:

This is going to be my first analog unit. Hope she will be gentle

mmntip says:

“Ah yes, let me show what this new Minimoog clone sounds like. But first, let me use these two effects pedals so you can’t really hear it.”

Adamski Ajull says:

Great demo yet again. Moog copy or not. This unit sounds big it has a ballsy presence. I listen to this demo not with thinking does this sound like a moog or not but rather , “does this sound good and deliver the sounds i would need use and can sculpt formy productions. The answer is , “Yes”. By the way what is the warm up time for rock solid pitch stability ?.

Andy Catlin says:

when will it be for sale/released?

Synth Builder says:

I would love to know what magical piece of tech people are using to measure the percentage of “likeness” to the original (85%, 92%, 98% etc.) – because I could really do with something useful like that in my workshop.

guitartoneaa says:

I purchased a linnen suit for $300,no one gave me a compliment at the party, purchased the same style suit for$60 and got all kinds of complimets, get my point.,high price does not mean high quality.

Le Spam says:

RIP Moog Music’s model of not making anything new or polyphonic. You guys are doing great!

Scott Armstrong says:

i am interested in the case and power supply as much as the synth itself at this price.
Standard Euro rails, rack and power supply for $299 ? , the synth is a bonus at $100.

Karl Georges says:

Or this man has very big hands or the knobs are way too small.

NYCP NY says:

C’mon berhingher, when is it released? It might beat the Se- 02 !

Douglas Williams says:

I swear that euro-junk from this company gets better and better all the time. I’ve been familiar with this company for years and like their audio stuff though that switching from 240vac to 120vac 60hz slightly changes the sound. It’s better at 240vac 50hz. But please don’t attempt to to tie in to a line that will kill you quicker the taking too many of your mother’s oxycodone pills.

Jay Dee says:

I want a boog

Greg Keen says:

I can’t find any info on this thing. It’s not on Behringers site, and it’s not on Sweetwater’s site. The only place I see it, is here on YouTube. Is this thing really going into production? I e-mailed Sweetwater, but haven’t received a reponse.

Shed says:

If you were going to use this as a musical instrument , and not ruminate over it as piece of synthesizer snob wankery, it is indistinguishable in sound in all intent and purpose.
Synth geeks tend to forget ( because generally they are not recording professionals ) that instruments are NOT recorded raw.
They are sat in a track which is balanced and eq’ then mastered.
That is a fact. So in any real recording this will sound Exactly the same as the machine it has been ingeniously designed to mimic.
Well done behringer.
It’s going in my collection.

Manu Riga says:

my dog hates you for testing the high tones of the osc’s

Jim Gross says:

This is not a subtle goodness – it’s totally obvious. It’s blinking amazing for the money. I’m hearing so many classic 70s albums in this demo. It’s nailed the sound. Next Uli please, a Solina.

Colin Sutton says:

pulled up a picture of a Minimoog and stared at it while listening to this video and I swear sometimes I forgot I wasn’t hearing a Minimoog sound demo.

redirishmanxlt says:

Excellent review. How does this compare with other Moog’s when it comes to bass?

Gary Weaver says:

Thanks, very much, gentlemen. We haven’t heard much, so far : )

James Reeno says:

Shut off the FX!!!!

Christian Anderson says:

I don’t think this sounds like a Minimoog D at all. This thing sounds awful.

Cole Gaskins says:

Get your tweezers out.

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