Behringer DeepMind 12D Synthesizer Review and Demo

Hey everyone! I’ve been working with the DeepMind 12D and wanted to share a review and let you hear some of it’s potential. After owning many different digital rack synths over the years (with dissapointment), I was excited to try out something analog.

What do you think? Does it have enough appeal for you to consider this relatively affordable new face in the analog synthesizer world?

Behringer DeepMind 12 Desktop –
Unboxing –

Outro Music –


Sensium says:

Thanks for the video. I’ve got my DM12D today. Just like you, I’ve worked a lot of digital. Now I have a good addition to it. Kind regards

JBreezz Beatz says:

This thing is insaneeee

Rol Ga says:

Just Bought mines from  Ben at Sweetwater after watching this review 🙂


Thanks for the nice review video Sean! We’re glad to hear that you are enjoying it so much. 🙂

The Slap Station says:

67th like says:

Very nice and the software control looks great too!

Interstellar Frequencies says:

Can’t wait to get mines! – Agent J

Area 68 Studios says:

Hi Sean 🙂 Is the Deepmind equiped with VCO´s or DCO´s ? i recon it is called analog… maybe it resembles of the old Korg Poly 61, or Roland Juno 60/106 or such wch has DCO´s and all the rest is analog e.g filter vca and so on….It sounds and looks amazing..and Behringer is on it..they are soon releasing the Model D wich is on my wishlist.. 😀 Thankz for the nice rewiew ! 😉 <3

TeejayTheSinger says:

hey sean, quick question. when mixing the lead vocal, should it be mixed with stereo plugins or mono plugins ?

Sidhu Superman says:

Give a brief demo on your equipment and how did you connected all of them to one another and your mac configurations and external hdd company and external compressors and limiters and equalisers. give your whole studio setup tour bro please

Funk Machine says:

Good review. Would be interested in the keyboard version myself!

dman030 says:

is it my imagination or does the 12D sound better / cleaner than the key version?  what do you guys think?  seems a little different.  starting to get gas for this.  hah

Fool says:

Wait a second, did you just say built in WIFI?

David says:

to be quite honest I have zero knowledge of synths. If I wanted to have this as my first synth, I would be in deep trouble to start a sound from scratch just by looking at the panel. Correct me if I’m wrong but to start a sound from scratch you have to press two buttons that aren’t label as “New” or something like that, at the same time… and the layout doesn’t seem to flow in a logical way from left to right [something like: step 1 [raw sound waves to choose from ] , step 2 [sound wave modulation/modification] step 3 [fxs]… It seems like a very powerful [and great sounding] machine… but I would be completely lost. 🙁

Erich Kohl says:

Nice review — curious, is that a Nektar controller?

Circular Gates says:

Its a beast! I was one of the first to review it on Sweetwater, back in August when I got one of the first units that arrived in their stock…Enjoy making great sounds Sean! I might even consider getting a few more!

Miguel Ogas says:

Another solid review and demo bro! I’ve had my eye on this thing for a while. Been trying to decide what new hardware synth to purchase. Thanks for this video.

MinimalWave1982 says:

i really want to like this synth but so far i didnt have heard anything which blew my away..

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