Arturia Pigments – Advanced Software Synthesizer – the intuitive review

I have a go at the new Pigments soft synth from Arturia. It’s all wavetable and virtual analogue coupled to a fabulous modulation engine and interesting sequencer. In this video I’m ignoring the presets and getting it to messing with the basics – how easy is it to use, to forge your own sounds and get stuck in. It’s a little bit rushed (to get it done in time for release) and not my finest camera work but hopefully it will give you a flavour for it and encourage you to try different things once you’ve downloaded the demo.

Intro – 0:20
Interface overview – 5:34
Wavetables – 12:11
LFOs – 16:07
Random – 19:46
Envelopes – 20:47
Virtual Analogue – 21:40
Functions – 27:49
Combinate – 29:39
Thoughts so far – 31:08
Sequencer – 36:24
A note about presets – 41:07
Final thoughts – 43:08


Digithalis says:

Looks very powerfull!

Jim Shannon on Sounds says:

I haven’t got a small midi controller yet, so maybe I’ll get one and take advantage of this vst at a reduced price. I wonder how much it will be Canadian?

Reza Mardianto says:

Wow i didn’t even know Bass Station 2 could be used as a midi controller

Andrew Hayes says:

How many conkers?

Philip Lane says:

Have you changed the way you are encoding your videos or is this a Youtube thing? I’ve watched many of of your offerings without problems but this one has caused me problems. Firstly,, I couldn’t watch it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – seemed to be a codec issue but Youtibe just refused to play it. Now, returning to my desktop – Win 7 Pro – All I am getting is random stills. The audio is fine but the video is frozen. It is also slowing my keyboard response whilst typing this. I don’t get it with any other Youtube videos!

Alan C says:

Loopop, Bobeats(probably some others i am not subscribed to) and your video on this Arturia product all uploaded within minutes of each of each other as per Arturia’s instructions probably. Which will i watch first? Well none of them. Its like Arturia are spamming my youtube and laptop. I might be a weirdo but their marketing repels me away. It was the same with the new Drumbrute recently. Just my opinion.

Dan Dorje says:

I love your reviews. You’re very humble but your observations and analysis are extremely good. You’re honest too. I’ll keep watching for your honesty. Great work 🙂

Torgul says:

Hmmm interesting self modulating modulators.

C L says:

This is 200 dollars. WTF capitalism is dying, no one has that much money left.

Nicholas Erith says:

this looks brill going to add this ti my minilabs and sparkle arturia asap , creating sounds seeing results within pigments will greatly aid me to explore over my time left in the coming year before treatment stops working for my tumour… thankyou for posting this here and a big thankyou to arturia too!

DB Cisco says:

Was waiting for a new vid, Robin. Thanks !

Dino Fancellu says:

Nice review. I have a keylab mk ii, so always interested in what Arturia has out

BTW, window can be resized (so to be bigger, easier for touch UI, top left pigment menu)

Also, the wavetable can show in 3d, even more visual

x.iso says:

Awesome synth, lots of things done right. Modulation chains are awesome, but they’re even better with proper visualization, to keep track of all the complexity you’re adding up

DB Cisco says:

Arturia needs make a USB to CV/Gate dongle to go with this. I would definitely buy Pigments then !

Igor Korzhov says:

Great review! thank you! What do you feel about how friendly is it for touch interface?

themarsipan says:

“You also have functions. I don’t really understand what those are all about, but they are lovely.” :-DDDD

Ramon Key says:

Will this operate on the iPad pro 12”

aikighost says:

Thought it wan and iPad synth, shame its not 🙂

Sascha Haber says:

I love that shirt 🙂

bitegoatie says:

Are you doing these videos from a sauna? I so, why the fancy shirt?

Just asking – and thanks for the time you endure in the heat.

Shadowhenge says:

They can pretty much all make awesome sounds…. but… can they make the sound you actually want intuitively? Thats how i measure soft synths.

Meerkat Music says:

Sounds pretty good any crackles on your Surface Pro how heavy CPU ? Just picked up a Pro 3 i5 256GB so was wondering.

The Rainbow Ninja says:

Its interesting that arturia used the term VCA in there

spaceman says:

There should come a warning with these advertorials saying: You already got a fantastic soft synth too much.

Jsn Sdx says:

Yet another youtuber advertising Pigment. Lotsa youtubers turning into shills and it’s getting really boring. Unsubbed buhbye

Qu Bix says:

I can’t help but think of Bitwig Studio looking at Pigments modulation chains and GUI.

Major Seven says:

The raking of the jimble hoofer sounds out of shap with the vigon humour ship.

Geister Sound says:

Smashing video as always. Robin.
I think this will be great to explore over the Christmas period. I’ll download and try not to let it distract me.
I honestly think Arturia are the best bunch of developers out there for this sort of stuff and am happy to support them; how much will this cost when the 30 day period of grace/trial is over?

Jimi Van de Beek says:

I Love you!

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