Arturia MiniBrute Synthesizer- Sonic LAB Review

Currently rare as Dodo eggs, the Minibrute is Arturia’s first forray into analog synths proper – we test and enjoy

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G.H.T. says:

Sonicstate love your work but lately to many adds to watch you on my mobile.

Jorge Hernández Jiménez-Smith says:

I bought the synth. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Good evening Unpaid Council Tax Letters, HOW ARE THEE TODAY?!!!!

astrophonix says:

This is great value for money, but if they were to produce a desktop version (i.e. minus the keyboard, octave switch and pitch and modulation wheels) they could sell it for around £200, and it would sell like hotcakes off a shitty shovel!

Martin doc Sämple says:

Only the minibrute SE Has the sequencer not the normal black edition. But you can send a sysexfile to change it into a sequencer.

Alkatross says:

That was not a fifth, it was a major third.

Max says:

synth metal?

nashwhal says:

Yves Usson is a mac 3:40

Ogere Sherk says:

This or bs2

alicksviewfinder says:

Your reviews are always the best dude – thanks 😉

Neurotic Sos says:

does it have polyphonic aftertouch?

Matrix2020 says:

Authentic VCO Oscillators – not DCO Yea!

peecee2000 says:

These are on special offer now at £299 in the UK.

Neurotic Sos says:

that camera’s analog

Love.It .Be.It. says:

arturia support is god awful… you’ve been warned

my minibrute has been out of commission for months, and support just flat out stopped responding to me. 1 month since their last response

GodLevSky zespół says:

Can you get a poweful, distorted bass sound out of this synthesizer?

digit analog says:


Martino Fenzi says:

the knobs on my minibrute are absolutely still and reliable, so can be said for fader and switches etc.

cardboardmusic says:

Is it possible to save sequences – as does the Microbrute (which I see is a newer, but smaller system). Thanks in advance.

Skorbutt says:

Hey guys, very quick question, could the Minibrute (or Microbrute) reproduce this sound:

Paul Synths/Drums says:

Anyone know if the Gate In on the Minibrute will work with the Gate Out on a vintage Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings synth?

George David says:

not bad but sounds crude and raw.. No matter how much I like the harmonics of the analogues I can’t deny the much more refined digital (sound generation).

x x says:

He didn’t talk about arpagio section or mention if it can store patches.

San - Pler says:


Jason Eckard says:

i’m sold

Digital Beat Music says:

I got almost same sounds with Imposcar 2 software

meedily says:

This guy can make skydiving look as fun as folding laundry.

Rinoa Super-Genius says:

9:08 you’ve just found the Atari 2600 knob haha.

blipblip88 says:

I’m guessing that you can’t play over a sequence?

argiletonne says:

I wish they would make a synth that has smoother characteristics instead of going on and on for years on the brute nonsense. so narrow in their view that each new synth they make is just another take on this synth. this synth is rough better never gets smooth. and no presets. sounds like a toy compared to other makers of similar

Wabin22 says:

I’m out for my first synth ever, and this is the one that I really liked the sound and feel of.
But I was a little put off when I heard someone compare it to the Moog Sub Phatty and that it only had 1 oscillator instead of 2 or more. Is that something I should be thinking more carefully about?

The Mundus says:

does the minibrute detune in any way by itself?

odfuqdhfiqdgfdf says:

does this maschine have a sequencer function? Maybe I don’t give a proper name but I’m interested in if I can put sound in and only modulate  it without pressing continuously a keyboard. Does anybaody know and can help me? Or maybe microbrut has this function?

George Guelis says:

Can you get different waves together?

Michael Salvo says:

Anybody notice at about 11:29, the second OSC he tunes is not a fifth, it’s closer to major third…


I’m very happy with mine. It does incredibly a lot for a small monosynth. I find the filter really nice (I’ve always somehow preffered 12db filters as they don’t eat the low end when you boost the resonance). I only have three gripes:
1. the LFO to PITCH knob is not calibrated well as imediately when you move it it’s already too much, so it’s impossible to set up a subtle pitch modulation.
2. the keys suck and are too wide, but there you go for such price
3. the range is limited at the upper end. I’d love to get another octave.
That said, it’s an amazing little synth and I bought it after auditioning Little Phatty, Sub Phatty, Voyager, and Pulse 2. While Moogs left me completely cold, and while Pulse 2 was really nice soundwise (didn’t like the interface), the Minibrute gave me the best interface and the sound that clicks with me. Right after turning it on in the shop I went: “Yeah! This is it!” It’s a definitive keeper and I’m really thinking of buying another.

simming says:

Tune that to a…5th? You mean 3rd surely

Ty Finn says:

I know the MicroBrute is mono. I’m assuming the Mini is as well?

Pulse2AM says:

Very aggressive sounding synth.

Yves Guillemot says:

Looks really nice ! Looking forward to get one. But how can you sync the bpm of the arpegiator with a drum machine ? Do you have to go into midi ? Isn’t there another way to sync it without midi ?

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