Arturia MicroBrute Review (Analog Synthesizer)

Thanks for watching our review of the Arturia MicroBrute monophonic analog synthesizer. To check out the in-depth written review of this amazing synthesizer, visit the article linked below.

Arturia MicroBrute Review:

Arturia KeyLab 49 BE Review:

Arturia – Music Through the Ages:

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Rocknoob49 says:

would you recommend the microbute as a first synth? I really want to get into it and so far the micro seems like an amazing and affordable starter

slusk17 says:

This is my favorite review of this because of the unboxing. You actually unboxed it. Wow.

TheScribbler says:

This is the best COMPLETE review of the Arturia MicroBrute out there! Thank you.

Fabio Lorusso says:

Hi! I notice any difference of sound when I plug LFO in Pitch. The sound remains unvaried as if I don’t plugged…

gezma12 says:

rad! thanks

Bjørn Schønborg says:

Great video! What program did you use to be able to see the waves at 4:50 ?

wieneckem says:

19:43 Oliver schories anyone?

Heidi Bada says:

This review really reminded me why this item is on my watch list. It does a lot for a reasonable price. The demo here is done right – some explanation, then try it out. This is also the first time I’ve seen how the sequencer works. Good to know.

Jasn Shadx says:

There’s tons of other examples and reviews but I really like this one because of the way you thoroughly go through each section and tweak all the settings. Great format. Thanks!

Harvey Clements says:

a very stupid comment but can this play audio independently of any speaker or other audio system etc?

Syntenix says:

Thank you for this review!) Enjoyed watching it)

Thomas Davis says:

im sold. Thanks for the review, helped out a TON! 😀

vStylerJohnG says:

Its like beast.. AND fart

Jupiter Ghost says:

where can i buy that oscilloscope? 🙂 that is nice!

travis provence says:

You should have more subscribers.

ReneeNme says:

This video sucks bawls.

fingerfish says:

Love the size factor

Zsazsa Gabor says:

Good Video, putting Brute through the paces and all the tweaks. I can sit for hours mesmerized with this damn thing, twisting knobs. I learned a few new things especially with the mod matrix. Thanks.

KaptainCoolade says:

hi, i live in Canada and we don’t have wall plugins like that does the American model have a American plug? if so please let me know.
also, what wall plug is that called?


hhanslie says:

what oscilloscope program is that?

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