Arturia MatrixBrute Review – Sonic LAB

We take a look at the Arturia MatrixBrute new analog monster mono. its BIG….
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Daniel DeMayo says:

When you have gas for one of these….and then you realize you have played with your micro brute maybe 10 times over the 3 years you’ve owned it…..:(

Joe-Lou says:

No real time sequencing? Oh noooo 🙁

Paper Wyvern says:

For everyone saying how it only being mono is disappointing, it isn’t! It has up to three voices. There is a button to switch it on the lower left

thomas Shea says:

Fifth time I have watched this video —— you do a great job presenting and dissecting synths. Thanks. It helps me use my synths better.

fretnoize says:

Thanks for the great reviews, not only this one but across your channel! It has become my go-to for any gear I’m interested in. You sold me on this one, mine should be arriving in a few days!

moodorf says:

If you pause the video around 11:05 you can see how crooked some of the sliders are…..

Daniel DeMayo says:

Nick cut his fingers off a week later….

Art Jorge says:

cool synth, lots of new features, but the most important thing, it does not sound nice. i miss a character, the sounds are to thin, hard and cold. no warmth. however, its a matter of taste.. just my opinion.

blipblip88 says:

Looks fun and confusing.

Douglas Williams says:

a pissing contest synth. a yeah my girlfriend IS fat and I love her synth. a I bought it because it’s huge and had lots of pretty buttons synth. any one else has one. I love this guy.i came just to watch him nerve out trying to sell this gorilla of a synth

macronencer says:

Best review I’ve found so far. Thank you! You really cover pretty much everything 🙂

stefan says:

Nick said it does aggrssiv, it does smooth … I would like to know if it does even moog.

Joseph Rowell says:

yup I’ll have me one of these

MayDay GoingDown!! says:

Terrible filters Terrible sound, Terrible tracking, nothing new for this manufacturer of softsynth pants.
Those pan pots look ready to come off after 2 weeks.
Sounds embarrassing next to an Andromida.
Looks the part, but the sounds the same as their weak software synth’s.

Patryk Piłasiewicz says:

Great review, many thanks. Very inspiring, fantastic patches. Would be great to look inside them 🙂

Monsta Munch says:

“why would I get too health and safety on a synth” – Because it’s a valid point and musicians generally tend to value their fingers.

thomas Shea says:

As always, you do great videos. I have had mine for about a week. What a solid piece of work. Excellent quality control. Mine is flawless. The sound is beautiful. So many possibilities.

Little Gator Farm says:

This is like Reason Thor in hardware mode. I think I love it. Gotta try it.

Tubeshrimp Phytolyte says:

It’s got the appeal that I experienced when discovering the Spark C.D.M.

anthony patterson says:

“Doesn’t feel flimsy in anyway”, looks at crooked ass faders….

Ann Other says:

It sounds alive!!

Cray says:

I have played/ programmed on it for 3 days now and a few things I would
love to see added. 1. LFO pan of sound 2. Option to set filter post fx 3
random patch. 4 expression sequencing. I dont mind the FX they are vintage-ish
sounding slightly dull but do have their place.

Richard Bates says:

I have finally come to the conclusion that I will never have bought my last synth? there is always another one that comes along that you have to buy……well here it is! Pull out my wallet and put another hole in my bank account, I am going to order this by next paycheck.

Mark B says:

I am able to save my step sequencer patterns and unique patches on the Roland JD XA .This being on a formatted USB .Is there a way to do similar on this unit ?

InXLsisDeo says:

Firmware update 1.1 adds real time sequencer recording, a 16 step Matrix arpeggiator, and it corrects a few quirks like the noises between presets.

astrophonix says:

What I would love to see is someone take this idea of a programmable patchbay and use it to make an updated EMS Synthi-A with LEDs instead of a pin patchbay so you could save the sounds, a delay instead of a spring reverb, retaining the joystick and retailing it for about £500.

Trojan Blazefyre says:

Holy shit this thing has some serious BALLS hahaha

setphaser says:

I’d like to see this sold as a stand alone sequencer.

skyreader society says:

was very sceptical, but this review changed my mind. Makes me also looking forward to Arturia’s first poly!

Torus הורוס says:

he loves this one

loosewrist says:

Hello! What do you think of a matrixbrute signal noise ratio?

Graviton 9 says:

6:00 preset sound Awesome! so textured. And of course the very first personal preset was a very massive sound. Love it!

xpjv says:

monosynth = WEAK! polysynth = MASSIVE!

XamVolo says:

Tooooo much talkinggggg

Miyuk9p says:

03:45 – unusal for hardware synthesizers yes, nothing new on digital 🙂

Eden Puder says:

How would you say this compares to the DSI Pro 2 ?

JVMC says:

does the sequencer send gate out? or just the live performance of playing keys?

Jamie Vorne says:

5:50 onwards hahaha …………. This thing is a fucking joke ….. Jesus …. The depth and width to everything is MASSIVE ;- ) x

ZanBizar says:

“this is a midlife crisis synth if ive ever seen one”

No it absolutely not.
It’s a synth we wanted for a long time because of modern technology. It should have been made years ago.
Its cheap, its big, its good. Finally, a synth that’s fuses a lot off ideas together its about time

mattsynth says:

For some reason Arturia instruments are always missing that one important thing that would make it worth buying. The same is for this one, sorry I am not a player for the MatrixBrute. Other keyboards like the DeepMind 12 just do so much more for half the price. It looks cool and everything but with one voice, well I just don’t need another single voice analog synth.

Colt Kirkpatrick says:

Can this be used to play a real song?

Matthew Manning says:

Don’t know where I would put something like this. Could probably get rid of a sofa.

Johan Vancauteren says:

Another brilliant demo Nick!

artilect 99 says:

Nick mentioned a lot of gain-staging, kind of implying it was a good thing… are there creative possibilities or uses for many gain stages? I’ve always been annoyed with having 10 different volume/gain knobs to worry about/optimize from source to final output.

bh617 says:

hideously ugly!!

Steve Taylor says:

I see they fixed the gate problem the MiniBrute had on the Arp. That’s nice.

MoolahNasreddin says:

People says it has the same shitty keybed that was installed in their MIDI controllers serie. It’s sad! For almost 2500$ (in our local stores) it could have a better keyboard!
On other side – it sounds pretty cool and for the last – it has presets! 🙂 So I white envy every Matrix Brute owner.
And probably I’ll buy Behringer’s Deep Mind instead of this (if I’ll be choosing to).

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