Akai Timbre Wolf Analog 4-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

The Akai Timbre Wolf Analog Synthesizer is a 4 voice polyphonic compact synthesizer that incorporates 25 high quality custom Akia pro keys and the ability to be used as 4 mono synths, a 4-voice unison or a 4-voice polysynth. Also featuring customizable voices, 32 step sequencer for each voice, LED display and octave controls the Akia Timbre Wold is an extremely versatile synth designed to provide classic analog synth tones in a compact and user friendly package.


This video was produced in Gear4music’s own studio facility at its headquarters in York.

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Ameretsu Shidori says:

played with this today at GC… out of every analogue synth they had there this was the only one that made the same noise no matter what you did. What’s up with this thing?

David Holmes says:

This synth has been getting quite a bashing but I can’t think of one that has a sequencer as useful as this.
Yes, it does sound a little flat but that’s what EQ, compression and reverb are for…
I think I like it!

Michael Tough says:

just a thought but if you view this as a ( £199 UK) midi/CV controller with very basic on board synthesis it makes a cheaper alternative to Roland A-01 albeit without Bluetooth midi

Discotronic Ghettoblaster says:

does it have unision and on board chorus to push more voices? 16? or 32?…. or is this more a drum synthesizer? looks nice overall for a poly synth

Wang McPeepee says:

square tooth ? that’s a new one .

MrBoxxed says:

Can you send external midi to each voice independently

James Reeno says:

Minilogue kills this!!

Losfame-studio says:

Your chnel provide the best synth review,thank you!All other people that are making ”review” you canot understand nothing!

the fxbip says:

Would basically only get this for 50$ for the 4 part sequencer which is nice.Other then that.Meh.

-. says:

Sounds way better in person

Marcus Orangeboom IV None says:

Mines got goldtooth

Pure Ambient Drone says:

I got a chance to play one at a local music store and the bass was thick, but I didn’t get the wow factor from its sound I was hoping for, BUT for the price you can’t expect too much. I do think it is built very solid, the keys felt great.

Hasan Odom says:

I just bought a TimberWolf but I’m haveing a hard time finding information on the 4 mono sequenced tracks. Can all 4 be sent through midi, pretty much giving you 4 sequencers?

jon fromtheUK says:


leonsooerensen says:

Are you only plugged in a speaker, or also a computer?

Paolo Pizzi says:

At the original $500 price tag, it’s the worst buy in the world (if you want a real analog synth for that price, get a Minilogue! And if you can live with VA, you’d have plenty of good choices, like Roland JD-Xi, Roland Boutique, Novation Mininova etc.) But now that the Timbre Wolf is HEAVILY discounted (I’m guessing it didn’t sell too well…), I was able to pick one up brand new for $250 on EBay. For that kind of rock-bottom price, it’s a nice toy to have, even if you only use it once in a blue moon. Mind you, the oscillators aren’t capable of producing a wide sonic palette, envelope controls are rudimentary (yeah, that’s a euphemism…), there are no sub-oscillators and no LFO’s. Even more unforgivable is that the four separate mono synths cannot be tuned, only detuned plus or minutes a semitone.

James Reeno says:

Too much talking

Matt Jacobson says:

Anyone have any good settings to start at for a clean sine wave synth bass? I’m using this for an indie rock band for synth bass. I’m new to synths, so if I have a jumping off point, it’ll ease the learning curve

Montag Musik says:

No LFO! I won’t buy a synth that has no LFO. I wouldn’t even buy one that only had one.

LFOVCF says:

‘unique tone’…..uninspiring dull, like nothing else out there….yup, unique alright!
It’s proving to be a huge embarrassment for Akai, and rightly so, it’s woefully boring!

Jimmy Figueras says:


t55a2 says:

If you put the output into a vibrato pedal ( I used a Behringer UV300 ) it kinds of makes up for the missing LFO, worth a try.

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