A REAL SYNTHESIZER For Kids | Blipblox Review

This is the BLIPBLOX!! Bought it a while back and it finally showed up in the mail. Its a REAL SYNTHESIZER but in toddler format. Which is of course straight up my alley. Here goes review time yeah.

Blipblox: https://blipblox.com/

In video music by: https://soundcloud.com/333amethyst

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Z E says:

I want you to do it because like you said you will do it regardless of what we say.

Raymond's Rice Cookers says:

this shit is wild b itch, cant wait to go and buy one and start making beats like a real nikcka

pussymuncha69 says:

I want a video like that, just letting you know in the comments.

Tung Tobak says:

At the same time you looked perplexed and said… it’s the washing machine… the washing machine in the next room started it’s centrifuge cycle here at my place. If you only had looked to the right instead of left it would have been really eerie.

katerspam says:

12:35 sounds like the demo area in any music store

Jess B says:


TROGULAR 10,000 says:

cool video

DoctorBlankenstein says:

Sold! I’m buying one for little dude..

nopethegeek says:

They need to make a Blip Box II and hire you as a consultant.

I suck at Gaming says:

Well done Youtube… Get the notification once the premiere has end…

Henrik Hess says:

6:21 Love it 😀

matszh says:

Holy moly…this or the Integra-7?…so many hard decisions…I would circuitbend the first lever to control the gate time if I were you

Michael Copado says:

Make the video of them playing together.

lastnameid says:

thanks over to all galactic employs-men for achievements in cybernetics

balu89 says:

8:17 Breadpilot :DDD

Simon The Magpie says:

Find the single frame blip – win an imaginary cup of cake! Comment time stamp.

quadrapodacone says:

This track is Fire!!

bringmeyourweak says:

These always brighten my day, Thanks!

clicks says:

Totally getting one for my kid so she won’t ask to play with my OP-1

Beggs n acon says:

wait a minute… this aint the AKAI Force!?! 😛

Jan Hundling says:

definately bedn it

padlockbeats says:

This takes me back to my Casio Rapman days lol

Trevor Williams says:

Sounds very avant garde

Buster Näslund says:

My daughter would absolutely love this!

Norma Padro says:

This looked like a lot of fun. I like the sounds that came from it. The song you created was really good.

Weird Music says:

Your best song yet.

Xiao says:

I don’t know what I’m doing here to be honest, I don’t even know what all these things do, I’m just a beatboxer, but that’s alright, I really like what I see even though I don’t understand shit.

PanzerIV says:

you should circuit bend pong, lol that’d be dope. Also put a piezo contact mic on a bong lol

dom233 says:

no, it was meant for me

balu89 says:

169$ for a toy is a bit expensive…


funny synth indeed 🙂

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