Yanagisawa AWO1 Alto Saxophone

Jim reviews the new Yanagisawa AWO1.


Jim is using:
Meyer 7 Alto Mouthpiece
Rovner Ligature
Rico Select Jazz 3S Reed


Gilvando Capri says:

Record on Clip with Jody Jazz HR 7. You are very able to show how much this mouthpiece play on comparison with Meyer 7. Thanks.

Sax .co.uk says:

If you register on our site, and select the USA flag at the top and you’ll get the correct price 🙂

Stefan Zdraveski says:

Jim, everytime you amazing me with your personal sound. I have one question tho.. I apologise to everyone maybie my question isnt placed on the exact place but, you are really competent and i seek for answer for you. Can you compare this saxophone to YAMAHA YAS62? I know that you have review in your channel for that saxophone. Friend of mine has YAS62C. The saxophone got original YAMAHA neck but it isnt G1 neck. And i asume that this YAS 62C saxophone isnt new one i mean isnt produced these 2-3 years ago. He is selling his saxophone. Do you or someone of your colleagues tryed sax like this and can u give me short feedback what you think. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards. Steve

Sundararaju Reddi says:

Nice sound to it.

Omar Hussein says:

Yanagisawa > Selmer…. Conn-Selmer have basically used snobbery to milk there customers. News flash Conn is died during the war and Selmer hasnt made a descent horn since the 60’s

Coll Ser says:

Do you know where i can find a curved sopranino sax?

sayheydude101 says:

Frequently can’t see what you’re pointing to.

George Day says:

Ive been playing one of these for a couple of months now and love it! The only problem I’ve found is if I play C6 forte or above it seems to make a weird gurgling/buzzing sound? does anyone else have this?

Joshua Franklin says:

+Sax .co.uk

inventingstudios says:

Hi sax.co.uk, will you be keeping the Yani AW01 models all year round in the showroom in Crowborough?

hansfbaier says:

Hello Jim, I wonder why you didn’t use your SR tech mouthpiece but the Meyer here.
I would have been very curious to compare it with the A901
which sounds very full with the SR tech.
Now with the different mouthpieces they are hard to compare.

cookiesncream9111 says:

Yangisawa are the best brand of saxophone I’ve used. ( well I’ve only really used 4 different saxophones)

Jack Kotocavage says:

How does the high f key on a Bari break and is it common

Kenton V. says:

Lets hear aw01 vs 901!

Gilvando Capri says:

Record on Clip with Jody Jazz HR 7. You are very able to show how much this mouthpiece play on comparison with Meyer 7. Thanks.

Joshua Franklin says:

Can you test out the Mac Sax Empyreal?

chriss1152 says:

Nice dark sweet sound

Dardan Gjinolli says:

Hello sir,I want to buy yanagisawa saxophone.But,but I do not know what do to make choices wo10 ore wo20…can you please help me..

Kevon Scott says:

This may sound dumb. But do all of your purchases transfer to the same price in USD??? You guys have the lowest price on a product I really want and before I go through the process and try to get everything shipped here I would like to know

Jonah La Margo says:

Any tips because I’m switching for clarinet to alto sax

Careless Caleb says:

dear yanigisawa, if it aint broke, dont fix it

Dionte Grinstead says:


Varun Reddy says:

Is the awo10 really worth the extra $1,000?

SimiColon Does Stuff says:

Is there a true differance between a curved sopranino and a straight one?

Alex Becerril says:

Finally a new video! Yes 😀

The Saxy Gamer says:

I love the nice jazzy sound of this sax.  In your opinion, which sax or saxes are the best for jazz players?  (Assuming there is a best.)

Joshua Franklin says:

Sax .co.uk

GrotrianSeiler says:

Not too shabby.

Joshua Franklin says:

+Sax co.uk

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