Dan Forshaw reviews the Yanagisawa AWO1 Alto Saxophone.

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Nathan Minert says:

Great review. I was able to get a good idea of how it plays. Just a little bit of feedback- I think a little bit less reverb might be a good thing, just to get a little bit more clarity. Thanks!!

Godwin Ho says:

Thank you for review.
Can you tell what is the name of the classical piece you play at the last part of the video.

Christy Kalfas says:

So helpful – and none of the usual waffle found in so many of these kinds of reviews. Interesting all the way through. Thanks!

Mason Thomas Music says:

Wow! I can definitely hear a stark contrast between the horns, which is surprising because normally all saxes sound the same to me. I would actually say I prefer the sound of the AWO1. I think the sounds got a bit more character and cuts more. Both horns sound great as always!
wonderful videos Dan

Mateus Dias says:

Dan… I have no words… I want back play sax, i’m looking for Yamaha yas 62, but Yani…. Really monster! Please tell me what i have do… Buy Yamaha or Yani…??? Sorry my english

Michal Tanay says:

Do you have second hand Yanagisawa Alto saxophone ?

Marina Garrison says:

Nicely done. I have to say I preferred the sound of the 2nd one. Really made me want to upgrade.

Balthazaar B says:

You play beautifully. I’m thinking of buying one of these,even though I’m just a beginner,long haul and all that. Now for the bank manager! Thank you.

Sonho Lee says:

Man. I found a selmer ref 36 recently for a good price. And a selmer tenor was a dream for years and so I had to buy it. It plays and sounds wonderful. But I wish I had time to test a yani tenor first. I’m only a hobbyist so can’t afford another. :-p


W01 definitely sounded light and cant compare to ur 991. Im a yani user… The new series cant really compare to old .

Godwin Ho says:

Many thanks

Richard Jones says:

I like the sound of your personal horn as it sounds much warmer to me. Clearly the control you have over your horn steps forward in a dramatic way. Nice Work

ぽんたま says:

It was a very wonderful review
Would you be able to review AWO 37?

Andrew LaBonne says:

Hey Dan, love your videos! You seem like quite the Yanagisawa evangelist, was hoping you could give me your opinion on their line! I recently got an A-901 with the bronze neck and I love the way it plays. It felt a little dead with the stock neck, but the bronze neck really brought it to life. I’m enjoying it enough that it might replace my mark vi!

My question is… You kind of touched on it in your video, but do you think the newer AW01, or 02 is worth the upgrade from an A901 for non-professional community player? I’m by no means a full-time player, but I do sit in with a couple professional big bands and the local symphony when they need a sax, so I def benefit from that Yanagisawa versatility.


Mrphilharmonic says:

Phenominal instrument – PHENOMINAL review!! Oh, I wish every review could be as good as this. No more, no less than required. No BS. Great job!! MORE please!!!

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