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Paul Hare says:

I have the YTS62III and YAS62III and love them both.

Chris Hansen says:

tenors rock my first sax lo the bflat mellow tone. yamaha is a good brand in my experience that also make good pianos. love your outfit.

Carl Wilson says:

I had the same problem on the low notes on every Yamaha alto I play tested.

Pete saxman w says:

Nice to hear you play Chez I like the way you play. I think you can play any brand and make it sound nice

Angus Mac says:

I quite like my P Mauriat System 76 tenor, which seems to have a nice balance between price and quality. Started with a beginner Yamaha which was a good work horse, but found that in addition to the sound, the ergonomics were so much better with the P Mauriat.

Alan Niemies says:

Hi Chez. Going off-topic here. There’s a saxophone song I LOVE. It’s actually one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard on the saxophone. Is there any chance you could teach us this song, if you do like it? If no, do you know anyone I could reach to pay for the actual sheet music or the instructions to play it on the alto saxophone? I’ve been playing the alto for about three months so I can’t get it to sound good alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKdnxBH031I

Thanks a lot

Alan Costin says:

Very interesting video, I play a 62 which is great

sam purnell says:

hi chez, ive been looking for months for videos and diagrams on how to play the altissimo notes ( top G and up) and although ive found many the fingerings they show don’t agree with my TJ SR alto. could you do a quick vid on the fingerings that you use so that i can see if they work on mine? P.S ive been loaned the cheap tenor you played at the start of the vid and i always worry about going flat in the upper reg (top B onwards). can you do a vid on what tenors i can buy that are mid range so i dont have to worry about going flat? ( please vary the brands so i can do more research into them) thanks!

Tom Swift says:

Oh, good. Now I have an excuse for being so bad on anything near that low Bb with my Yamaha 23 alto and Vito 23 tenor (since the Vito is a Yamaha in disguise). We don’t have the 280 in the US; the current Yamaha student altos and tenors are both 26s. Of course the real problem is that I have no idea what I’m doing. Though on my dirt-cheap Chinese soprano I can get down there just fine. Strange.

Richard Jones says:

To my ear that 480 is the buy, (full rich tone with body). The gold Custom model is very nice as well but quite off the charts, as in expensive. Thank you for playing a song during this comparison as most players go over very fast key work the doesn’t help me at all. As far as taking care of the silver model, I wipe down my equipment after each session. I clean all fingerprints and smudges from each piece of equipment. If you are putting out that kind of money for a fine sax it needs to be taken care of. You have a great deal of talent so your opinion goes a long way towards giving credibility to a review. In the end, each player needs to audition different manufacturers and models to experience the true difference in each. I do have to wonder how these Yamaha models compare to the tenor you currently play?????

ApertureLad says:

Hi Chez, being a yts 62 player I really enjoyed this review and your comments about tuning and playability. I would like to make a step up to a better saxophone and I’m torn between the Yamaha 875 and an equivalent Yani. Because I know you are a Yani player, I wondered if you think their are any major differences in ease of playing.

poke gaming says:

I own a 200ad Yamaha it’s a good beginner model but I’ve been playing on a yas-52 at my school and it’s a fantastic intermediate model and I love playing on it.

Tim Kies says:

I did find the sound of the silver sax to be actually nice, but I would never buy one for myself, due to the very reasons that you mentioned, plus I played mostly gigs that we had lighting that would have flashed and sparkled to the point that it would have been distraction to me. My tenor was a Yamaha YTS 23, just a youth model, but it was about 1200 $ American. That was back in the 90’s. I experienced some of the same issues that you describe on the lower end models both with this tenor and also with the last Selmer discussion that you showed. Problems with intonation at the top and bottom ends. But I overcame those with a lot of practice.

I was spending about 25-30 hours per week between practice and actual gigs. Plus a full time day job in a foundry, I was kind of busy.

I do have a question for you, though. If I was going to play professionally again, I would consider spending the same money for my alto, around 1200$, and not double on the tenor. But I wonder if my money would be better spent on a used, better quality instrument, than on a new, lesser one. I hope you understand my meaning.

Thierry Martin says:

Sorry Chez, I play a Selmer Series III 🙂

Tyrese Peace says:

My dream is to own Yamaha saxophones my for now I use the Legacy brand. AS1000 for alto and TS1000 tenor

Graeme Gerrard says:

I play a YAS-62IIIs and it’s great. For some reason I don’t have the dust and tarnish problem Chez reports.

Gipstetz says:

Thanks Chez for the very interesting post. Hope to see more of the like. Would be great to see a whole series of these from some of the better manufacturers. Thanks again.

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