Vibrato Polycarbonate Saxophone Review for more info

Jim Cheek from reviews the Vibrato Polycarbonate saxophone


Mr. Z says:

Seems kinda pointless if they are still the same price as the brass ones…

Jeremiah Alfrey says:

I love the video but the room you are playing is kinda small and very bright. Is there any chance you could do a follow up in a larger space or one with more damping of the high frequencies?

Cristuel Casto says:

Actually, I don’t think the Vibrato sounds that bad. It’s actually quite decent. Although the Yanagisawa sax does sound better (it’s louder and seems a tad more crisp), that might be simply due to the fact that the player is just more used to a traditional, brass instrument and is trying to handle the plastic one with more care. I think Adolphe Sax once said (in a theory he formulated) that the actual material does not matter, what matters is the “air column” within the instrument, mainly dictated by its shape, that can be extended by closing the tone holes thus achieving its sound.
Also, do the pads on the Vibratosax have resonators? If not, it could explain the difference in sound.

Original E says:

Yes, the regular alto sax is louder, but the plastic sax is a Great alternative. If I were a mother that didn’t have much money, and my child wanted to learn and instrument, I would get them a plastic instrument. I would buy them a beginner book, similar to the one I have now where they show you each note and songs, and on my free time give them a lesson.

TheJazzMan says:

What mouthpiece are you using here?

darren hill says:

definitely an obvious sign of more resonance with the real sax // metal//

Joe Blankenship says:

Is it dishwasher safe?

Ninja Gamer says:

If it’s cheap, won’t break if I drop, and its a lightweight sax, I WANT IT NOW

funsmiles says:

the brass one was way vlearer and had a much more open sound while the plastic one was more muted. uehg i like the real one more but that plastic one has some swag tho

Joseph Upson says:

Testimonials have an exceptional effect on perception. We are impulsively motivated to jump on the support band wagon, especially when we already favor a subject in some way. Take for example the notion that vintage horns are so much better than many a modern horn (and still just as expensive), despite the technological advances that have transpired to produce greater accuracy, consistency and quality in today’s horns. I’ve never played a vintage horn, but I want one as a result of what I’ve heard others say.

I have a Keilwerth EX90 alto which replaced my old Yamaha 23 which I played for 20 yrs. I was over joyed with the sound of the JK. Ealier this year I purchased a Pro Alto patterned after the YAS 875 from ebay made in China for ~$600. The horn plays so well that I hardly touch my JK which still looks like new in the case after 6 yrs. The JK is of the utmost of perfection in its construction compared to the Chinese horn, which has one rod a little off center, and a few other minor imperfections, but this Chinese horn BLOWS to me, in a good way that is a complete 180 turn from much of the anti Chinese horn rhetoric I’ve heard.

I recently discovered its unmarked mouthpiece is made by ESM, the same company that made my JK mouthpiece with a wider tip opening. Hmmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with my affection for both horns.

This plastic horn was knocked down in value by the player’s statement of select name brand instruments that he says it will not replace without specifying in what capacity. A decision that should depend solely on durability and sound quality which is highly subjective.

I listened to this clip twice, both times with head phones, the only difference I heard that was significant to me was that the 901 horn sounded brighter. They both sounded great to me and considering all the dynamics involved with producing sound in the sax from the player to the end of the bell, subtle differences have as much to do with the player as they do the equipment.

The real question to all of us sax players is this; What really makes a properly constructed saxophone of any material a great horn? The price, the name, or the way it sounds when you play it. If you give a beginner a $5000 horn to replace say this plastic one, how much better will he play? considering a good player can make a mediocre labeled horn sound like a pro horn, whatever that is aside from a lot of money.

Egriff123 says:

Would you really need a neck strap for that

FlipManiaFan 789 says:

The plastic sax sounds more muffled, then the regular one.

Captain Combover says:

Any real sax player should be embarrassed to play that abomination. And there’s no reason for it beyond novelty. It costs twice as much as a good condition chu berry or a martin indiana, both excellent vintage horns to start with and both have phenomenal tone. That thing brings nothing new to the table. Polycarbonate can not resonate like brass, bronze or copper. You could even get a vintage stencil horn in playing condition for like 200 bucks, tons and tons of them out there. No reason to buy a 1000 dollar plastic sax. I’d even rather have a Jupiter 767 or an Olds R.O.C. beginner horn. Shit even a bundy is preferable to that piece of junk.

Mr.Fabulous Man says:

the regular one fills the room

Isaac Manwell says:

He is like the only person who doesn’t look ugly while they play sax. Also i have jean baptiste tenor. Is that good brand? Am i spelling it right?

Yellowjellobelly 11 says:

Man I’m picking this up and taking it to marching band so that my CO will punch me

Stuart Haram says:

Ok the brass has a massively different sound, it hits you like a freight train it’s so obvious. This just seals in that I prefer the brass, much like I prefer wooden flutes in comparison to metal. Shame it’s an alto though, I’m a Tennor player myself and have always prefered its sound

David Willmore says:

Can you get a tenor version ? They weren’t able to produce one in the 50’s when the Grafton was distributed by Dallas.

Mar-Yoi Collier says:

brass sax is richer!

WTC2014 says:

what is song?

Carlos Vega says:

I agree. I think it’s great for learners. Some side notes. The high and low notes are diffidently not as crisp. The breathing is amplified.

Ethan Davis says:

Vibrato sounds better than my brass sax…

saxophoner 009 says:

so adorable !

Ben Voiles says:

Actually I’m impressed, much better than I expected.

정범진 says:

how much is that?

Matt Jelisco says:

this would be great if you had to be in a marching band. weather cant mess it up.

Avery Mcguire says:

I really want to see someone playing a plastic sax with a plastic mouthpiece and reed. Just cause.

doug b says:

I wonder why the traditional one sounds better. The acoustics should be nearly the same I’d think. I wonder if it would sound similar if miked.

Mermaid Jaffa says:

These must be lighter than my Yamaha brass alto!

by JoserobertoYT says:


Israel Brown says:

can’t tell the difference

Raphael Souza says:

quanto custa um desse ?

peter green says:

Well I now need a much lighter sax as a regular sax is too heavy for me (getting older with a back problem ) not so much resonance as a brass sax but with a top mouthpiece I can make it sound extremely gutsy………

Jann Chavez says:

Is this good for beginners?

Timmy Clark says:

Plastic one sounds very good BUT no comparison for the Yani.

Dave Mitchell says:

The traditional just sounds fantastic compared. I think the plastic sax is almost a throwaway product, I can’t imagine them surviving for decades like their brass counterparts. Plus surely UV will degrade them even with artificial lighting?

JonezBB says:

Without a doubt, brass is better. But that is still a nifty toy to play around with.

j.j.cagney says:

The difference is so so so big !

David Lea says:

I wonder how theyd compare in classical styles

Kelpo Gaming says:

Where can I get one. No I’m serious.

Clinton Seams says:

metal sax way better

monte nguyen says:

In my opinion it sounds as if the plastic sax is a bit more “airy” than a regular sax

Andre Claus says:

You should have done a ‘blind’ test. Close your eyes and listen. Plastic doesn’t sound that bad. Or could it be the sax player. 😉

meeny jung says:

Gold sax is smoother. But plastic sax’s sound is no bad for me

Spikerkitty says:

they sound alike but tell brass saxophone sounds, we’ll brassier

琴音山本 says:


Eva Villalba says:

where is the octivekey or whatever i don’t know how To write it :’v

TheMusicGeek says:

The plastic sound is darker and less dynamic.

bob barker says:

brass has a bigger sound. way more stable and complex sounding. fo get about it.

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