Vibrato A1S III Alto Saxophone

Jim Cheek reviews the all new improved Vibrato A1S III

Jim is using a Meyer Mouthpiece and Rico Select Jazz Reeds


Jon LaSalle says:

Hey guys, I would really enjoy it if you did an in depth review of the P. mauriat PMB-301gl if you guys have it, similar to your one about the YBS-62. Let me know

Brayden Cargile says:

Jim! Hey, I’m a ninth grader and playing baritone saxophone but I play alto too, I am looking for a step-up (my first). My Saxophone brand I’m still looking into but my mouthpiece can you give me some information about the Model C Selmer Paris Soloist Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece?

Noob Trollage says:

damn, that sounds nice!

Minusbrush says:

Is that improvised or is it a song

Glenn Cameron says:

Is this sax any quiter than a normal brass alto? I am looking for something like this to practice on without annoying the neighbours, at least until I have better volume control! thanks

The571 Music says:

Is there an octive key on the vibrato saxes

A.B. da Best says:

Man you are nice on the sax. I can hear a band behind you, cut some records bro!

Alberto Vargas Martín says:

qué grande! un jazz antiguo y moderno a la vez

SaxWorks Denmark says:

amazing sound in a plastic tube….. makes you wonder….

CJ Singh says:

Hey guys I just want to say that I really love your company and your videos, and especially those sexy saxes!! Thanks.

Hashbrowns 4252 says:

Its a plax! Plastic+Sax! Nice video!

red orange says:

you make every sax sound good Jim! yikes!

Bill Cox says:

Excellent playing Jimbo 😉

Donald Lentz says:

Sounds as good as any metal horn I’ve heard and maybe even better than some. I’m betting in maybe 10-15 years from now most saxes will be made out of the poly carbonate…stuff (Plastic) as is it will become a cheaper way to manufacture them…

Nadia Lund says:

Where are you guys located?

saxzphone says:

I hope theres some new design features to fix some of its terrible keywork, I have my A1S still in it’s box. But playing it with a band, when I was soloing, the audience was never interested or got emotionly attached to the sound, but only it’s looks. Then again if you were going to head out hiking or head to the nearby beach, you could just carry it along with you as it’s light as a feather.

NYCJX is COOL says:

I wanna get that sax , and how do you make that sound at 1:51 thru 1:52 at the teardrop key or front f key above the b how do you make that sound 🙁 Oh sounds like the Theo Wanna soprano a bit

Allan Tayor says:

I’ve been playing trombone for 4 years and would like to learn the saxophone, what type would you recommend for a begginner?

Jesus David Gil Berdugo says:

number mouthpiece?

kliudrsfhlih says:

They are surprisingly pricy… but I understand it’s a quality product and also imported from Thailand appearently.

Emmanuel Bellynck says:

Hello i had problems with my nude of vibrato do you repair sax?

Ron Wylie says:

Very good and informative,. thank you. I remember these when the announced they where coming and I could not wait, I thought they would be real cheap but was really shocked at the release price, another dream gone

Mr. Garrison says:

I’ve played one of these. You have to press harder on the keys. The pads are made of rubber instead of leather. It’s tricky just playing C major scale because of the feel of the keys. The vibrations are easier felt too.

panCzekoladka says:

What mouthpiece and reed do you use on this video? It sounds very good! Thanks!

Josh says:

Does this sound good with metal mouthpieces? I kinda wanna hear it with an otto link or a berg larsen :))

Polyurethane says:

May I ask what key you were in if you recall. I enjoy it immensly

deathbun central says:

U.S link?

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