Theo Wanne Mantra Tenor Saxophone

Jim reviews the new Theo Wanne Mantra Tenor saxophone

Jim is using a Floridated Otto Link Metal 8* Mouthpiece


Don Powers says:

What song was that!!!

Spellcaster86 says:

I meant to say *link*

Ruud van Korven says:

Is there difference in sound between the different finishes?

Sax says:

We would only half agree with that I’m afraid Adrian, Scott has done a video on the 5 different finishes of 82Z, and they all sound very different, and it’s not just what he’s playing, you can hear the gold plating is very strong, and the unlacquered is quite bright.

John Wilson says:

what’s his .com

Sax says:

Good news, Jim’s working on one as we speak 🙂
We’re just editing up another video first, and then we’ll get the Mantra Sop going….WATCH THIS SPACE 🙂

Ana María Franco R says:

In Spanish or subtitles no product video?
I love what I do, is admirable, I congratulate them 😀

Adrian Martin says:

naaaa depends on the guy that is blowing

gcrav says:

Theo Wanne is based in Bellingham, WA, USA.

Jack Speed says:

hey i have a reference 54 in matt finish. please could you tell me if the finish will affect the tone and whether this finish will fade?

Nicolas Romano says:

at 2:00 there i really like that lick.  Ive heard it before and was wondering if anyone knows what it is called or how i can learn it.

Brian Brody says:

That shop is completely INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

Sumit Sagaonkar says:

This horn sounds really bright and great

Bryan Greenhagen says:

Where can you find that mouthpiece and how much?

Sadie Lambert says:

I just got a new tenor sax and I LOVE it, you are very talented and I hope to play like that someday 🙂

Chris S-D says:

Nothing new on the three strap hooks, got that on my King Zephyr which is over 60 years old.

Wheatley says:

Can you do a video on the new Mantra Tenor?

Sax says:

That mouthpiece Jim is using will tend to lean more towards a warmer, rounded sound 🙂

Ruud van Korven says:

Larry did you try the Mantra? you can’t assessed on the basis of this film

BDPractical says:

I have this sax

JustSorrel says:

hi Jim,

Could you please please please do a an upload for the Theo Wanne Mantra Soprano Saxophone?

I’ll definitely like to hear the soprano saxophone in action!

landon allain says:

do you ship to the us?

Sax says:

This is the Platinum version of the Mantra

Ernesto Reyes says:

Wow, just wow, what an instrument.

King of Hearts says:

😮 you sound so awesome

PEACE Hunter says:

of course has his MPC a big impact on the sound as the reed has and also his embouchure and breathing technics. No question, but I can hear immediately the sonic qualities of the horn. Pretty nice horn.

2AnothingTime says:

Hey can you guys plz there to play the theo wanne mantra outside plz !!?

Cathal Berkeley says:

will this sax replace a yani or mk6? it sounds pretty good.

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