The 3 BEST ACCESSORIES in My Saxophone Case (you need them too)

These 3 Saxophone Accessories are absolutely essential and should be in every serious saxophone player’s case.

Links to purchase on Amazon:

Vandoren Hygro Reed Case Alto:

Vandoren Hygro Reed Case Tenor:

BG Body Swab Alto:

BG Body Swab Tenor:

BG Neck and Mouthpiece Swab Alto:

Reed Geek Classic :

Reed Geek Black Diamond:


Free Play Sax by Ear Crash Course:

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About this video:
In this video Jay Metcalf from Better Sax talks about some of his favorite saxophone accessories that he recommends to his students. These are for sax players of every level from beginner to professional.


Fernando Soto says:

Hi Jay, it’s nice to hear from you again. As always, I enjoyed your video and all the tips you shared on it . Thank you so much for this last one that confirmed my wonders about the “Reed Geek” I once heard David Samborns promoting it on youtube, but then I thought it was just another marketing scam to make you buy this product. Now that you say it somehow it is easier for me to believe in the effectiveness of this product, so I will most likely buy it through the link you left in the description. Keep up the good work you’ve been doing to help us all become better saxophone players. Greetings from México!!!!

Steve Keller says:

Instead of a Reed Geek, I use a three-sided scraper. Much much easier to use. Music Medic sells one for about $15. Having said that, I do have a Reed Geek, and if I were a traveling musician again, I’d take that along. TSA would confiscate the scraper ….

Adam Stein says:

how do you clean your swabs? throw them in the washing machine?

AMB AMB says:

Hi Jay, could you tell me the difference between the Classic and Black Diamond Reed Geek? Thanks

Luc Jason Murphy says:

Hello! Reed trimmers? If a reed becomes too soft but still has its verve, a reed cutter is an option that works. It will save the player tons of dough as well.

S. B. Ringgold says:

“Key Leaves” are a favorite of mine to stop sticking G#, C# & Eb pads. They remove moisture and are harmonious with what you are saying about keeping a good sax clean and dry. A bit pricy, but they are produced by the repairperson who knows what is called for, implementing everything for proficiency (including the green color). Thanks for your continued recommendations, ideas, and opinions. To be reviewed at “KEY LEAVES.COM”.

Thomas Schneider says:

Can you send me a email when you make the new video and are the new Geeks for
Légère’s reeds??? Thanks Tom

Ja cob Kolb says:

Like how he didn’t mention bari

portallatro says:

The concepts are what is important.

Zac Taylor Schindler says:

Thanks, I might get that stick then

sonnys chanell says:

some sax players are like fishermen buying all kinds of shite accessories ,the old school players would have laughed there heads off

ReedGeek says:

Jay, Thank You for the great video and I am so happy to have you ‘Geekin’! The ReedGeek tools and teaching reed profiling are a labor of love for me. All ‘Geeks are made completely from scratch using the top US Aerospace “wear alloys” and machining techniques so we can produce a tool that can “truly” flatten the reed and adjust it properly, with a very long edge-life. Ciao Mauro , RG

Unknown629 Permand303 says:

If you take a piece of glass and use contact cement to adhere high grit wet and dry sandpaper (600-800 grit), you can create a sanding board to take warps off of the tables of reeds for less money than a Reed Geek. This has been working well for me for close to a year now.

Robert de DIos says:

Thanks for the swab recommendation. I absolutely love my reed geek. Worth every $, for anyone who questions the price… I know I did till a friend demonstrated to me in a moment of desperation.

Gipstetz says:

Hi Jay. Thanks for super helpful post. Great review. Great items. Excellent swab and geek. Will have to try the case soon. Thanks again.

Dapo Adepoju says:

Your tutorials are always enlightening. Thank you so much.

CraigAB69 says:

I’m only a hobby sax player, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
Have a look a Bill Ridenour’s ATG system.
A video of him fixing a reed blind-folded.
I started using it soon after he released it. Quick and easy for me. Zero throw-aways, well for me at least after I fix them as he demo’s in his instruction video’s.

Thomas Schneider says:

Maybe when you do video on Geek he shows a diagram of a reed very persevere
That would be great for your demo

misterbusy says:

….and that’s why I play Fibracell Premier synthetic reeds. Just sayin.

pmwizard48 says:

I have gone to using Legere synthetic reeds on my tenor. Got tired of buying a box and only having only a couple work. The Legere work great and sound great.

Thomas Schneider says:

Can you be more pacific on how to make softer and how to bring back for high F. Like on Soparno with the reed geek
I have problems with high F on Soparno. New reed if perfect after 6 to 7 hrs not strong note after that. We’re on reed
Would I shave the reed? Thanks. Tom

Dr. Collins Bempah says:

Plastic reeds = better sound and no trouble

Lucas Haskins says:

How bad is it if I haven’t cleaned my sax since 6 grade and I’m in 9 grade now I have no problems and it all looks clean


I’ve had a reed geek for a little over a year, my friend recommended it to me and swears by it, but to be honest, no matter how i try I find it difficult to use effectively and rarely does it transform a bad reed into a good one!

Carlos roda cid says:

Hello Jay. It’s important to say that,before to play sax,to wash the mouth and brush the teeth or denture very carefully.It’s obvious… but very necessary…

Thomas Schneider says:

Never saw a swap like your tenor one what is the name of it???? Tom

Zorro II says:

I have a small fan that I use after passing the swab on my sax. Cheap little fan not the expensive fan for sax.

Joseph Plazo says:

Can u get soprano sax one too ?

Raimonds Petrovskis says:

80 bucks for the Reed Geek Black Diamond?! What is it made out of? Vibranium?

Thomas Schneider says:

Can you use ReedGeek on Légère’s reeds. .??

mats manteatern says:

I’ve used the ReedGeek reed tool for about a year and I don’t find it that fantastic…I find that they can help playability on reeds that are just a little too stiff, but sort of ok. Then they can be s really good reed.But for the, let’s say, 3 “worst” (read:stiff-dull-muffled) reeds in a box of 10 I don’t find that the ReedGeek tool is of any help.. I scrape and scrape, but they are still bad reeds. And of course, if the reed is just a little too soft it would get even worse by removing more material. Right? Well that’s just my experience and I respect others. I do agree that the B&G swans are really good and worth the money. And so is a good reedcase.

Ivo Pauwels says:


I like your Video’s, keep up the good work. I just took a look at the “BG Body Swab Alto” but it had one review that apparently they do not sent the same gear as on the photo. Maybe better to check if this is true or not. Thanks!

Mel Davis says:

Great video. Buying the reed geek thingy. Do you have an opinion on sax cleaning brushes (stick)

sonnys chanell says:

the only accesory you need is a leather swab to dry the tube out

Alec B says:

great content. I just subscribed

Phil McPhilsalot says:

Can you do a video on legere reeds, my band director who literally is a brass player and knows little about woodwind, says they suck.

HenryJonesVictor says:

get a Legeré reed and now you only need 1 out of the 3 items

Marsel Music says:

I have 5 reeds cycling with eachother for over 10 months, since november 2017!

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