Tenor Saxophone Necks Review

These are Tenor Saxophone Necks reviewed by me that can be bought separately.


Richard Wells says:

You, my friend are an amazing player! Is there any way to contact you directly? As a blind saxophone player, I would love to pick your brain about some of your methods that I am unable to see. Specifically, I am looking for assistance on altessimo fingering techniques.

Shaky Dave says:

your altissimo is just showing off!

Man With Sax HK says:

i like the sound produce by silver neck.

Njderig says:

Is the diameter different on the silver neck? What makes it less resistant if it’s the same diameter? Thanks

Ray Goodman says:

Great video! I also love and play cannonball horns. Any way you could talk about the different ways you articulate your notes and runs or maybe point me in right direction if you’ve done a video already. You are a very clean player.

DominusFelis says:

Have you ever practiced extended enclosures like for example, if you wanted to target some note scale degree 1
b2-b7-7-b2-1 OR 7-2-b2-7-1
or if you were targetting C, Db-Bb-B-Db-C OR B-D-Db-B-C
this is one of my favorite pieces of vocabulary, because it’s provides a lot of contrast to scales, arpeggios, and patterns, but I haven’t heard you using it in your little improv segments.

Really digging it regardless though, keep it up.

Brett Ferguson says:

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! Great to see you back 🙂 <3

Steve Keller says:

Nice! I prefer the silver neck too. I have a Mark VI, and recently bought an after market neck, from the Boston Sax Shop. Big difference, especially in the second register, from B up thru the palm keys. It’s fatter. Do you notice a similar difference with the silver Cannonball neck? You commented on the altissimo, but I thought the palm key notes were a little thin with the stock neck.

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