Student Saxophone Vs Professional Saxophone

What’s the difference between a Student saxophone and an expensive professional saxophone? Mike Brown explains the differences between the Student Yamaha 280 and the Professional Yamaha 875EX.


Achilles says:

Wow. They both sounded like crap. Must’ve been the mouthpieces.

alexander gitelman says:

whats your opinion on a cannonball big bell alto sax?

Logan Rooney says:


CobyGames says:

i couldn’t stop looking at the pink sax.

Blake Bradley says:

anyone else kinda like the sound of the student horn more?

loctite222ms says:

Heck, as a player and a repairman I’d be looking more at the workmanship and quality of how things fit.  As for differences and sound yes they’re there, but whether I play some kid’s Bundy or my Mark 6 I basically still sound like me.  I’ve occasional demoed horns at stores for customers.   They don’t always hear a difference.   The experienced player should pick something well  built, he like the sound, and feels comfortable playing on.    A student’s needs are much the same.   Problem for students is they have no skill or experience to tell whether the problem is the horn or them.   As fellow repairman described knowing whether ” it’s the arrow or the Indian”

CubeHeadGaming says:

Too much saxual content

serchinnho says:

“I’m gonna play both saxophones so you can hear a difference” (plays two different things and coincidentally, plays faster on the more expensive one)

Do you think we’re that stupid?

The Saxboi Slick Chronicles says:

you sounded awesome on both of them!

Juan Sanchez says:

i feel like im being educated well because of his accent, but i really dont understand half of what he’s saying all that well also cuz of the accent.

Lola Dwyer says:

Do they have stores like this for clarinets? That would be like a heaven for me

Matt S. says:

our student model is shit, and our pro model is more expensive than a semester of college

Sheorajek says:

I had no idea that I have a professional level baritone saxophone. It has everything except for the blue steel.

Eddy Racine says:

Trumpet for life

Lan Hikari says:

saxy saxman

Arrogant Annie says:

What type of ligature and mouth piece did he play on ?

Wes Da Boss says:

So does my Cecilio classify as a professional or student label saxophone?

Coco Marvin says:

what is the type of saxophone whom KENNY G is using?

Blaz Rysax says:

What microphone is that?

Eugene Debs says:

Some day in the future I will buy myself a whole range of instruments so I can entertain myself throughout my life

oliver Mckenna says:

This crisp clear sound of this saxophonist really gives it A BIG boost

Raj Harsh says:

Wow, both of them sound the same !

samuel paul says:

So this is saxophone heaven

Sasfoot says:

I have a Beuscher from when I first started playing in middle school and had a Selmer Super Action 80 during my high school and college days. I sold the Selmer after I stopped playing regularly and miss the high F# key whenever I pick up the Beuscher for the hell of it.

Matt Bell says:

yo is this guy dead cos he in heaven

Mark S says:

didn’t matter what sax he played… couldn’t hit the highest notes…

Collin Roycraft says:

Summary! Student horns=trash. Pro Models= Expensive, but heavenly

tRUEheart says:

Just a random clarinet player stopping bye o_o

Tim W says:

quick question, would a Selmer USA As400 be more of a student or a pro?

Ben Haas says:

I recently upgraded from a Jupiter Student Sax that I’ve had for about 8 years to the Yamaha 875ex, and man, what a difference. I love the feel of the Yamaha in comparison to the Jupiter. The upper and lower register comes out so much easier. It was very expensive (I got a good deal on a used one and it was still $3,300), but 100% worth it.

Alvaro Hernandez says:

do not call them horns do not i repeat do not

CSMedia says:

Hi Mike, we have an intermediate Yamaha tenor 480, how does that rate with regards tone, surely tone is about the player and their technique. Refined tone? The factories whether in Japan or Indonesia still have similar quality control. Of course the more expensive sax is softer but is that to do with reed and mouthpiece.

Joseph Upson says:

Student, intermediate and professional = marketing. There is no such thing as a professional horn. They’re all saxophones that must be made within the scientific dimensions necessary for a sax to play correctly. They vary in extras and quality and even there not by much when a reputable company is involved. As far as sound is concerned, it’s all subjective, different horns sounding different shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but trying to say the sound of one is professional in quality and of another is student in quality is nonsense. The sound is more a function of the player, the mouthpiece and the reed, much less the horn.

The likes of David Sanborn, Ernie Watts and Gerald Albright for example are about as professional as you can get. Do you really think they would sound any less professional if they stuck their mouthpiece and reed setup on a student model horn?

If a horn with no name that costs $500 makes you say WOW! when you play it, that’s your pro horn. Save the remaining $3500 for supplies and routine maintenance, that should be enough to keep it going for the rest of your life as you strive toward making listeners say WOW! when they hear you play. I kept my Yamaha 23 for 20 years before moving on to something new.

politepancake says:

The beginner one sounds better to me for some reason lol.

Spellcaster86 says:

I have been playing for nine years. I found that the mouthpiece matters more, at least in my opinion. If the Saxophone worked, it hasn’t made a difference. The tip opening of a mouthpiece, and the material help sculpt the tone.

Paisley says:

When you looked up the prices after watching this video-
O.o ($2,000+)

Savage Foils says:

Who else just plays saxophone for the fun of it. And is not a fuckin nerdy tryhard that humble brags about their set up, and how many years they’ve been playing.

Potato Pulp says:

lol just noticed… i am a student and this whole time i was playing on a professional saxophone in my band class, which was rented from my band teacher for only 40 bucks… damn son am i privileged

Murphy Schnauzer says:

He has so much saxophones that are so shiny, fancy, and so professional. I want one XD

Jacob Zufall says:

I love the way you pronounce Japan.

buzz buzz xddd says:

considering that I’m a saxophone player, all those saxophones just make me happy

it’s like a saxophone heaven

rob warren says:

I so want to go into that shop with a fist full of cash – pity I can’t play for crap.

Slavic Penguin says:

Dissapointing expected epic sax guy.

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