Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Saxophones

Jim takes a look at the Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Saxophones


Chris Malkus says:

I use a cannonball vb it works really well I have never worked hard to play it and btw you have a great sound who are your influences

Chris Malkus says:

stop drewling over these saxophones just get the horn and practice. you will sound the same on any sax it is a waste of time comparing sounds

M J says:

Man , You have the ideal job !

Tony Park says:

lol careless whisper beginning i luv it- the musician and the horns sound great.

Alvin Wilianto says:

hai, which one is better, p mauriat greg olsby edition or this selmer reference 54?


12 legged Sasquatch.. says:

just great. thanks.

Eddy Muratagic says:

How would you compare it to a Yamaha 62?

SpeedStudios says:

Great video, what mouthpiece did you use with this amazing saxophone?

jackbblumer says:

i found a vintage antique finish reference 54 in a gray color rather than a gold color. i’m a little skeptical of it because i haven’t seen any other reference 54 like this one in eBay or on woodwind brass wind. do you know if this sax is genuine?

Secret_Armor says:

I appreciate the high video quality looks awesome.

Flotter Otto says:

You guys have a lot of Saxsess

Eddi Taru says:

Very nice video.
Could you please help understand the main difference between the Selmer Paris Reference 54
and Selmer Paris Sireous 2 and Sireous 3 62 Jubilee Edition? What are the differences?
Witch one of the is the high end one?

Josh C says:

if i didnt have to pay for college I would buy one of these…

Ramandeep Jaswal says:

I want to import selmer saxophone alto from your shop kindly give your phone number

Mark McCollum says:

My dream sax

Daniel Bonnet says:

How would you rate this saxophone from the 1 to 10 ten be the best

Tachi Tekmo says:

Nothing like that Selmer Sound. Still the best saxophones in the world, IMO.

Bill Abbott says:

I play a 1955 63000 MK VI Alto and have tried the reference 54 and was not very impressed ? If the early VI’s are the most coveted and desired Saxophones on earth then why would Selmer not just remanufacture what was already perfection and not try to improve it? New “Coca Cola” yes…that was an awesome idea. Does Steinway keep on trying to reinvent the piano? No. Has anyone improved the violin since Strad?

RobinHood East says:

Vintage looks nice but the darker tone turned me off

Selmer Reference54 says:

I have got my Ref 54 for two years now. I am loving it more and more. It just sounds very good, and easy to play too.

SrBill says:

mi sueñooooo

M J says:

Hi Jim , I want to ask you which of the two version did you enjoy the most . The vintage finish or the gold finish ?

Chris Malkus says:

the wood stone sax is closer to the mark vi than the reference 54

Gerard van Doornmalen says:

Great…. :S … Now I want one…

Laurence Espallardo says:

Hello there, I was wondering if you would do a demonstration video of the Sakkusu tenor saxophone on your website, I am interested it but have no reviews to base it on. Thanks 🙂

Wheatley says:

He played Careless Whisper, I’m sure of it

Shen Shy says:

which one was used in alf theme song best sax by far,which model is closest to that

Jeff Keith says:

Thanks for the video, Jim! When I first heard that sound, immediately, vintage Selmer Mark VI came to mind! Wow! Interesting though that the original Mark VI didn’t have the extra high F# key but the Vintage 54 does! Beautiful horn!

smythe d. says:

Good review. Tone is warm… but stuffy on both horns! I have never played a Ref 54 that didn’t sound stuffy. Perhaps this is what Jim is referring to when he says “it’ll be interesting to see how these horns age”.


sounds like a plastic horn

CJ Waterman says:

Is there any other lig other than a Rovner that will work for a Beechler 7 metal alto mouthpiece? I just don’t like the Rovner.

m n says:


Jared Khan says:

i cant decide which one i want. the deep gold or vintage. which is better?

Khairul Anam says:

What mouthpiece did you used together with horn in this video?

Richard Jones says:

Quite a difference between the two horns. The vintage finished horn has a much darker sound to my ear. Perhaps the mpc/reed combination was bettered suited to that particular horn to produce that particular sound. In comparison, the lacquered model sounded somewhat held back given the mpc/reed combination.

Elizabeth Manzano says:

Can make a video on the Selmer Paris Series III Model 62 Jubilee Edition Alto Saxophone?

Israel Tum Santi says:

donde se encuentra la casa instrumental

Nuwan Udana says:

what mouthpiece did you use

BlasJohnny says:

Great Sound I Love it

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