Selmer Paris Limited Edition Alto Saxophone – Pearl Lacquer

Jim reviews the new Selmer Paris limited edition alto saxophone.

Jim is using a Meyer Alto mouthpiece with Rico Select Jazz reeds.


LỢI MAI says:

how much is it

Jesus David Gil Berdugo says:


VitoEb1978 says:

Now that is the warm, soft Selmer sound !

Jason Peppers says:

do ya’ll ship to the usa?

BileDeath777 says:

Any new tenor saxophone videos coming up soon?


Aside from your obvious talent…i can hear that great tone that one would here from some old records of the early jazz guys using these older horns. Great!

Bmk Bmk says:

very informative…… like you’re style of presentation……. nice sound….. £1500+ I bet….

alobrothers says:

How much is it??

NostalgiaKarl K.F. says:

I hate how he removes his hand for every phrase.

shortdolphin50 says:

wow first view

Juan Carballo says:

Do you guys have mark iv? Altos

Bob Chow says:

What mouthpiece works well with a 1951 Buescher TH&C tenor? I’m looking for a warm sound that can also produce a killer sound for jazz

Sally Anne says:

So beautiful

Miller Sax King says:

I got a chance to try out this horn at the Midwest music clinic and I must say it was absolutely marvelous horn. I notice jim has been using a meyer instead of his jody jazz did he get tired of the jody?

Addy Dodd says:

I want! I want! I want!!

מרינה לוי-פוטרל says:

can you pleas do moor video with that sax to pay attention and appraise the sound ,tone and not only the beautiful this sax

Stefan Zdraveski says:

I have a feeling that the subtones are hard to pop i noticed that on low B at 0:03 and 2:55 also.. correct me if i am wrong.. Greetings..

Leonel Reyes says:


Juan Carlos León García says:

How much cost this Horn? Still have in stock? i want a deliver to Perú, is that possible? thanks in advance!

Stephen Power says:

Does anyone have any thoughts on what Jim is doing to get that very jazzy sound? Basically, what scale is he playing for the improv. It’s the sound that I’m trying to get when improvising. I’ve asked directly, with no reply so far.

Donald Lentz says:

The neck aesthetically looks to be a reproduction of the Super Balanced Action, prior to Mark VI….as there is no blue surrounded “S” on the octave key mechanism?…

alondra aranda says:

Mi sax es selmer paris,pero es tenor :3

Webby The Dino says:

My Cecilio sounds better

yossi potral says:

how the playing on that sax how is the sound did it worth the price can you please do more video with that sax

muckyducky70 says:

The playing at the end took me to a rainy spring afternoon in New York City. ..very nice. Out of curiosity. much does this model retail for?

Andy Austin says:

To second a suggestion on here, have you guys considered doing some classical playing examples on horns like this? I know guys here are far more into Phil Woods than Tim McAllister but for educators and future educators it might be a valuable thing!

Jacob Lopez says:

I would really like to here how this horn sounds classically played. I really enjoy the Jazz playing that these guys do, but I’ve never heard any of the horns being played in a classical style.

GrotrianSeiler says:

Love its sound. So so nice. Excellent presentation too.

Zach Levenson says:

Doesn’t sound that great to me. I’d take a vintage king or conn over this thing anytime. The sound is lacking any fatness and the low range sounded forced

kevin Miniter says:

I love the sound

ProjectIdiot says:

Player is fantastic.

BriansThing says:

I want to fly to England and visit you guys!

Lew Brown says:

you Talk to MUCH , just play the hell out of the thing PLEASE … really ….

niisashi says:

Awesome sound!!

Diep Pham says:

What is the brand alto that he is using?

Ricardo Moraes-Pinto says:

Indeed you know how to bring out that warm tone of this sax. Is it still available? Do you export to the US?

frankdelta453 says:

This is beautiful

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