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Matthew Taylor says:


ffs – please don’t sand the tone holes!

SoulFury Leader of The Demonic Amethyst Pack says:

Is the song at the beginning booty swing?

Gipstetz says:

Hi Chez. Love this kind of video. Very interesting. Very helpful to us who cant get to a Sax.Co.UK. Your thoughts and insights on the different saxs are key… pun intended.

Jan Macák says:

Just remember: never buy this sax. Its an amazing piece but overpriced bcs of the mark. You can find tones of cheaper saxs which play better then Mark 6. But it is amazing instrument indeed.


Great information thanks Chez, i thought you were doing a magic trick when you stopped playing the 1st sax as it carried on playing lol. E

MyRackley says:

Those are not unreasonable prices for a MkVI in good condition; I’ve seen them advertised for more. Some MkVIs have an F# key – it’s worth checking, as this key is very useful in the altissimo register (although some purists will argue that having a tone hole at the top of the tube can affect the notes below it). Also check out the Lupifaro Platinum tenor – it’s designed to emulate the tonal characteristics of a vintage Selmer. My tenor is a Serie II Jubilee btw.

root4343 says:

Your videos are great.

Melanie Caris says:

Nice video! I just started playing a tenor this week after almost 2 years on alto. It’s so much fun I can’t stop. I found that if I’m not careful with my embouchure tho, the middle G and sometimes G-sharp splits when I come down from high C and above. (YTS-62) Any advice on that? (Never mind! I just found your video on split D/G – thanks!) BTW… you are so close to 10,000 subscribers!!!! Yay!

SoulFury Leader of The Demonic Amethyst Pack says:

I have a selmer alto saxophone! 😀 she’s beautiful and plays amazingly!

Pianist with Attitunes CJ Lynn says:

Hi Chez. I play keyboards, piano and guitar and I am very curious about the alto sax. I did some research on this wonderful instrument.

Tim Kies says:

Even I, as deaf as I am from 35 years of foundry work, can hear the difference of the two Selmers. Neither ones are bad, of course, but the second one is much nicer. I used to have an old Buescher tenor, and it was physically not pretty, with the lacquer worn a LOT, and the bell rim bent slightly. But the tone was simply beautiful, warm and rich. I had someone tell me that I should get it redone, re-lacquered, new keys, the hole thing. I told them that nobody in their right mind would do that to a Stradivarius violin, and I felt it was the same thing with a sax. I upgraded to a Yamaha tenor, which was easier to play, but I still loved my original Buescher.

The 512 Four Saxophone Quartet says:

Really interesting to see the difference between two horns of the same brand, especially the mystical Mark VI. First video I’ve ever seen doing this type of comparison, and it was eye (ear??) opening to hear the difference.

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