Selmer AS-500 Alto Saxophone vs. LJ Hutchen Mark II Alto Saxophone Comparison and Review

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In this video compares the
Selmer AS-500 Alto Saxophone to the LJ Hutchen Mark II Alto Saxophone.

Mike Dopazo, a New York City based professional saxophone player joins us in sound sampling both instruments.

Mike uses a standard Vito student model mouthpiece with a #4 Rico Royal Reed in these demonstrations.

Reverb was added in post to accommodate small computer speakers and the low-bandwidth of YouTube audio streams. The links below can be used to access the audio track of each instrument sound sample without effects, in full .WAV format. These are best listened to on high-end audio systems or good quality headphones.

These WAV files are uncompressed, 48000hz, 16-bit files. These sound clips are longer than the demonstrations in the video.

Selmer AS-500:

LJ Hutchen Mark II:

The Selmer AS-500 is available for purchase only over the phone at 877-88HYSON or 516.433.1107.

The LJ Hutchen Mark II Alto Saxophone is available on our site:


Donald Lentz says:

I’d like to know why the AS500 is 1400 and the Tenor TS500 is over $3200…?

Beyond Infinity Games says:

4 years ago I received an lj hutchen mark 2 alto for middle and high school, and I can say this saxophone is terrible. The intonation is so bad that when my high g and f# are in tune, the middle octave D all the way down to A are so flat that tuners perceive them as being being a half step down from what they are. My band director can play every instrument in the band, and claims he has never heard of lj hutchen. Also, he has listened to me play and said it is definitely the horn, not anything about my embochoure. It is definitely slowing my progress as a musician, and unless they’ve upgraded it in the past years, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Samuel Schaper says:

I have a Selmer AS500, and it works really well. I use a Chinese made gold plated mouthpiece for it and also a black hard plastic mouthpiece, I switch back and forth with them. I also use a number 3 Rico reed, I used to use Vandoren reeds but they didn’t last as long.

Travis Moody says:
Travis Moody says:

I have the Original.Im a blues/Jazz guitarist,playing for 24 years,and my wife inspired me to pick up the horn.So,after lots of research,I decided to go with your product.Im Very Happy with the results.Im now a SaxAddict:)

Travis Moody says:

LOVE MY Hutchens Alto!!!Very pleased with the action and the tone.I can’t put it down.

SQUID says:

I have the as500 tenor and its really good i would recommend it

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