Saxophone Mutes

Mike Brown runs through three of the most effective sax mutes on the market.

MMD Sax Mute –

Saxmute One –

E-Sax Whisper Mute –


Anderson C says:

Excellent devices I never knew existed. PERFECT for people living in condo’s with super thin walls/ceilings. Where sounds easily bleed through the windows and out into the shared hall. Handy for a loud instrument like the horns where you can’t simply plug it into an amp/headphones like you can with an electric guitar/electric acoustic guitar. And for people who can’t afford to build a acoustically treated/sound suppressing room (as in a recording studio).

Marc Dumont says:

Do what Bob Reynolds does and just stick a towel down the bell

Splarff says:

12:20 saxophones sound way too dry without a god resonant hall man..

ASSCAKES !!!! says:

Nice shirt

Baylor Rae says:

I have french finals tomorrow….. and I don’t even play sax why am I here

Papa Max says:

He didn’t hold his sax by the bell.

fkebfpahxirvxiqpqidiehxjan says:

sounds like a very sick bass clarinet

Thatoneguy Mccool says:

Even playing for a good few years on many instruments including alto sax never seen a sax matte before…

Baritone Saxophone says:

Just blow softer with your lips at the tip of the mouth piece

Aldrich says:

Looks like something straight out of portal

Morgan says:


Triston Morrow says:

I play tuba is there a mute for it

Aaron Tian says:


catriona. cm says:

I really want to see how quiet it gets with the first and second or third one together

Armando Castro says:

Hi, where are you guys if you could tell me

Ancient Spirits says:

Available for tenor as well ?

Keren Yu says:

Man I rather blow the tiniest air into my sax and make the tiniest sound than putting my sax in that fuckin toilet look ass crap

sebastian W says:

I didn’t even know there was such a thing

Onat Çinkılıç says:

The neighbors would always complain about the noise when i practiced at home so I used to stuff the bell of my sax with a tshirt or a towel. Fortunately our new neighbors haven’t said anything yet.

WaterFlame957 says:

They are cocoons.

Julian Staniewski says:

His beard confuses me

Kryptie says:

That’s a bit excessive

Timmy Childs says:


Winship Live Music says:

The big sax mute just sounds like your playing in the other room. Although, at a really controlled state…

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