Saxophone Mute REALLY Works – Review and Lab Test

Testing the Saxmute (mute for Saxophone) which claims to be reducing the sound by 50%, let’s see if it is really working as it claims with our meter testings the true numbers out! We are using a Jupiter 567GL Saxophone here, and the audio is recorded with the tascam DR40 which is to ensure it’s a non-bias and correct plus high quality recording!


Ryan M. says:

But what is the mute called?

Archangel 01 says:

I once bought one of these for my tenor sax from Amazon. I managed to get it to ‘work’ after the second time, but it is still loud enough to be heard through walls. In other word, it doesn’t do the job. My landlord banned me from playing my instrument in my house because the lady next door was threatening to call the police or local council. I went to speak to a professional about this and showed him my mute. He said that all those mutes being sold online don’t work, and even wondered how they get away selling things like that. With the sax, there is NO KNOWN way to mute it. the solution is to find somewhere to play the instrument where you aren’t disturbing anyone. That’s why Sonny Rollins went to live on a bridge for a whole year. Btw: I now practice outside.

kouichi suchi says:

Very interesting!!非常感謝!!

Renato Mendes says:

Hello, how are you? I found this video now but as I understand no English wanted to know if you actually works, you have a significant reduction in sound pressure and changes the sound of the sax. Sorry I used google translator more I think you’ll understand.

Tallman Chan says:


Mauboy Western says:


Tallman Chan says:


marmort vlogs says:


Goku H says:

”i’m really blowing it hard”

Vojtěch Krása says:

“It doesn’t affect your tone.” Lol

William Cox says:

“Freaky loud”.  Yep.  Having worked with reed instruments before I know whereof you speak.  Getting a good balance on stage between an acoustic piano, simple jazz drum kit (also called a “Trap Kit”), upright bass, and saxophone, can be a real headache.  Imagine the jazz greats of the ’40s and ’50s blowing bebop at 160 beats per minute–at the top of their lungs!  Even a skilled pianist and/or a physically strong drummer would be hard pressed to be heard over that.  Music, as I’m sure you know, is meant to both entertain and educate, and here you do both well.  Great post!

TheTruthCanHurt says:

Doesnt do what is says it does…does it ?

MrJoeyBoombotz says:

Your distance changes making the test compromised.

Im That Jeweler says:

you know I’ve been watching your videos for like 1 year now and they still always entertian me so I say to you thank you

Ng Joyce says:

How can I buy this mute stuff?

Abdul Muhammad says:

Idk how to feel about your playing. It’s not great. lol

B. Dickson says:

For those looking to quiet things down, a cotton ball at the mouthpiece/neck and a pair of socks rolled up and stuffed just barely inside the bell. This has had the most dramatic results for me, and most of you have these items in your house already.

Douglas Hachiya says:

are you able to play low b flat with the mute? Some sax mutes don’t let you

이상훈 says:

This doesn’t work well. A slight change in the volume, and that’s it. I even tried this in combination with other aluminum mute, but my sax still sounds loud enough to make my neighbours mad.Maybe I need to try E-Sax.

Tim Zhang says:

You actually just need the mute at the junction between the mouthpiece and the neck. The effects of the other two are negligible. And for those who are looking for a cheap alternative: a cotton ball will do.

hkabc1111 says:

這是很有趣的實驗..well done.!!!! 另外我有一個問題是,有一些好奇,Saxophone的音量大約是103DB,音量真的很大,可否測試一下Soprano Recorder大終是多少DB,因我好奇,因此想知,thank you very much.!!!!

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