Roland Aerophone | Digital Wind Instrument | Review

Here is my review of the new Roland Aerophone! It is a digital wind instrument and it comes in two different color schemes, black (AE-10G) or white (AE-10). This instrument has a ton of capabilities. I really enjoy playing it, not only at live shows but also in the practice setting without disturbing others. I hope you find the video informative!

Here are some key features from the manufacturer:
“Roland’s Aerophone AE-10 is a totally new type of digital wind instrument that offers acoustic sax players an exciting and expressive range of creative options. The Aerophone is based on the fingering system found on a traditional acoustic sax. Seasoned players will feel instantly at home with the familiar saxophone fingering system, responsive SuperNATURAL sounds, and a breath sensor that reacts like your favorite acoustic horn. This means you can play the sounds of different saxophones – including soprano, alto, tenor and baritone – along with other wind instruments such as clarinet, flute and trumpet. But you can go further still, playing violin and other stringed instruments as well as powerful synth leads. However you play, the Roland AE-10 Aerophone will spark your imagination and enrich your musical life.”

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Fabienne van der Matten says:

It sounds so great, it doesn’t sound the same as a real sax, but you can do pretty cool things with it.
I like it!
lots of instruments on one instrument.

Eezee Listen says:

Maybe due to the audio recording for this video – the voices sound very artificial and tinny.

Rich Day says:

Can it be USB powered?

Edmond J says:

Saliva….? Uuuugh! Roland should have sorted that out via an internal tubing

portallatro says:

I don’t like these electric sax things and will not play any of them. Just play it on keyboard. IMHO Real saxophone is so much better. I fooled with it and know for sure it is not for me.

גבריאל ישר says:

You can try also the EWI5000

dofunback says:

very nice video friend!!! 🙂 great job!! See you Brian!! 😀

Joel Pierson says:

So, the Roland Aerophone AE-10 can be connected to a DAW to use FX sounds like The Saxophones from Audio Modeling right?

George Drazenovich says:

I have one and find them great. I travel for work frequently and find that the Roland is very good for practice tasks like working on patterns and if you are working on a passage good for nailing down rhythm and time. I like the violin and cello sounds and these are fun for working out solos. Obviously not a substitute for acoustic and the sax sounds are not great. But the fingerings are identical so if you are working on scales, patterns, time, rhythm it is great, and the synth sounds are like a keyboard and work well over funky tracks. For sax players who would like to practice without disturbing people or who travel a lot it is great. And it really is an instrument all its own. I have found it extremely useful portable and you can get software like sample modelling to enhance sounds. Good review and good investment and could probably be used in a performance setting

V081WLBlue says:

Sorry for £700 odd quid it sounds terrible!

Dave's Nature Productions says:

I have seen the Aerophone before and quite like it. I have played keyboards for 22 years and started to play the alto saxophone and having an instrument where you can play it like a saxophone but get a lot of different sounds from it like you’d find on a keyboard is pretty cool. I would like to get one myself one day if I had spare money to do so.

FPSfakeRussia says:

Play that one George Michael song

Deniz Seçkin says:

Reminds me an electronic cigarette .i bought one by the way :))what I needed

newfreedom21 says:

the sax voices are weak imo

cameron snyder says:

Is there a microphone jack?

TrainsBoy 10 says:

Oh yes please

KD Forsman says:

The keys seem quite noisy to the touch, is that offputting when you play it?

Hallvard Paulsen says:

Cool instrument, but to large and too expensive to bring along for fun.
But the new AE-5 (aerphone GO:) may be better choice, or??

BriansThing says:

Let me know what you think about the Aerophone! As a sax player do you think you would have a use for it?!

saxmalvas says:

Mala experiencia con el aerophone, problemas a las pocas horas de tenerlo, es para aficionados, como lo utilices muchas horas en estudio empieza a fallar, se cambia de tono solo , le entra el agua por las llaves y adiós electrónica, muy mala experiencia.

Earl Brackett says:

I’m thinking of taking up sax (I’m a drummer of 45 yrs), I played guitar for 20 years but I’m losing my dexterity and I need something expressive that I can manage. this is a cool second to a real sax I’d think, so much of the expression of a sax is in the breath and wood of the reed. my first instrument was a trumpet but I’m not really interested in taking that up again. This sounds so much like a Roland synth, which is really what it is with just a funky looking keyboard. it is versatile though…

Dale and Meg Lewis says:

Thanks Brian. This really helps me make the decision about which of these to buy. This will be the one for me!

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