Review of vibrato/plastic sax (Grafton, Ornette Coleman style) 🎶 Saxophone lesson/tutorial.

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My thoughts on the plastic/acrylic vibrato saxes. Have a listen to comparison and see what you think.

Chez’s thoughts and ideas on saxiness

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TheSaxWalker says:

Cheers for the review Chez! That pretty much sums up my decision of buying one…

TheBee Whisperer says:

Whats tha tuner app you got on your tablet?

James Andrew says:

That lamp stand is out of this world! Is that a real trumpet? 😀

root4343 says:


Alex bob says:

What is the neck strap she has

Familia Soares says:


Otis - the saxophonist says:

good review,how do you light it up?

Bassmaster 9000 says:

Where did you get that sax I want to try it out some day?

Jordan Morris says:

could you please complain some more if you dont like it why did you get it

Byron Sigrano says:

Just the Baker Street lick? Where are the harmolodics?

Cesar Ramirez says:

so beautifull

musicfan100 says:

Great review. I didn’t realize they were that difficult to tune. I found out about them when I saw a saxophonist called Shannon Kennedy play one. Is Ellie Pike apart of the switch duo? I enjoyed watching you play it and was wondering if you’d unleash the hound again in the future? (Would you ever play it again in the odd video)

Chris Dragotta says:


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