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By following these lessons, you should discover;
* More motivation for practice
* Improved tone and dexterity
* A better understanding of musical theory and harmony
* Stepping stones to improve your improvisation
* A starting block and path for growth for beginners
* Tools for productive practice
* An extensive repertoire list
* Methods to improve your ear training and independent learning
* How to play a melody by ear
* More self confidence and belief in your own capability
* How to recognise pitfalls in your playing
* How to cultivate a great embouchure.
* How to develop your own unique sound
* A virtual tutor/saxophoning buddy who comes with bags of energy and speaks from the heart at all times.
* A new lease of life for your playing!

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Ankelin Díaz says:

Is it possible to play “only God can save our souls” with this nuvo jsax?

Paul Carne says:

I have one for my 5 year old son. Thought it was better for him to get used to a reed rather than be on recorder, but obviously I can use the same music books for recorder and block up the holes with the attachments as not much need for the chromatics.

Boris Cordero says:

Great instrument for my six year old son, he loves it!

Ian Sim says:

Chez try a cane reed, it improves the sound.

choco says:

i need that lamp!!

Tyler Grahamm says:

Can you please review the yamaha venova

Seymour Sunshine says:

Thanks for such a positive review. I’ve had one of these for about 3 months now and I’m having great fun with it and eventually starting to play in tune with a decent tone. I know that some people are a but sniffy, but if yu judge it by what it is, it’s great.

Radeljevic Eva says:

hi, i always liked the sax but never had a chance to play it (or any instrument for that matter) and i read some amazon reviews and they all say that they sounds good only when a professional plays it (as he/she knows what they are doing) and that you have to blow really hard to get a sound (is this true?). it seems to me that it is good to try and see if i like it, but those reviews are a little discouraging.

Ʀα†ιøρhαƦʍ 艾滋病 says:

How many tones can you play with that sax?

Saxlife says:

What is your intro song?

nr3rful says:

Sounds like my “flute-a-phone” I had in 3rd grade

BeerBong Boys says:

its more a toy not an instrument^^ how much did they pay?

guywithdogs says:

Have you tried the Yamaha Venova?

sam purnell says:

am i the only one who thought it sounded like an oboe/ soprano sax?

chantal snelder says:

I had needed that when i was younger! Started playing alto at age 9 but i was very tiny, could barely handle my instrument

pabslondon says:

I have this and the Venova and I feel this is better. I have a Bauhaus Soprano Sax that I play whenever I can but this is handy for throwing in my holdall that goes with me everywhere and any opportunity to work on my embouchure will benefit my playing on my Soprano Sax

For good video examples check out this at 0min 45sec and this at 7min 30 sec

Robert Kohl says:

Hi Chez, thanks for the review, i got one for my wife and she loves it, very easy to play, even my 9 year old grandson plays a few basic notes on it for the get-go.

Fredrick Lewis says:

Hello Chez,
Just need a vice for a beginner who will start learning to play sax. What you recommend on alto sax, brand, reed, and mouthpieces for a starter.
Thank You,

Fredrick Lewis says:

Hello, Chez What do you recommend for a beginner on a reed as starter. 2 or 2.5 & 3?

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