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I am super excited to share with you my new Big Bell Stone Series Tenor Saxophone in the BLACK RUBY lacquer finish from Cannonball Musical Instruments – model T5-R. This particular model also comes standard with the Spiderman Jasper semi-precious stones.
This video shows me unboxing the beautiful sax and doing a play test for the first time with both the patented silver fat neck and the original standard neck. As with all Cannonball professional saxophones, this one comes hand acoustically customized for top performance and is ready to play right out of the case. I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to start recording and playing shows with it! What’s your opinion of the sax?!

Click here to see my Cannonball alto saxophone unboxing:

Click here to see my Cannonball soprano saxophone unboxing:

From the Cannonball Website (
“We designed the Big Bell Stone Series Saxophones for you to be able to play without limits, feeling each note vibrate in your hands. The combination of fine hand-engraving and semi-precious natural stone touch pieces from the deep earth make each saxophone an art piece in itself.”


Nerdy Adam says:

I wish i can buy those kind of tenor saxophones but yknow the financial troubles

FaZe Vision says:

Jesus how much was that beauty

Elijah Segler says:


SpongyYard64651 says:

How much did the saxophone cost?

Levi Feltman says:

I have a raven 20th anniversary edition, and I’ve had that for about 2 years. This videos making me want a switch up.

John Hulse says:


jagand asohan says:

how much is the price?

Cyberbro says:

I play an alto and I thought man those notes are high.. …HOLY CRAP that’s a tenor like I can’t play that high when I do my altissimo A, but a tenor an octave lower…I mean good for you man^^

Lordxxgaming 350 says:

I want it

Hannah the Musician says:

Whoa! What kind of mouthpiece do you use? It sounds awesome btw!

Grant 0Schwartz says:

First of all, where did you get that? And how much was it? It’s so awesome!!

Patricia Clark says:

I want one soooo bad

Carlos Matos says:

What kind of mouth piece do you use?

Joe Gamer says:

Waste of money I am sorry colored instruments are no good

Spencer Robertson says:

holy crap that thing is breathtaking

Abedin Subashi says:

This dude uses expensive looking ligatures. I play tenor and I use a lego tire as a ligature and it’s works very well. (For any tenor players, feel free to try it).

Luke Martin says:

Where’d you get this and how much?

ketchuptooth says:

Awesome video man

Hayden Pletzke says:

What would be the price on this sax?I am interested in it!

Attack Helicopter says:

I’m not even a saxophone player… I want my euphonium in a cool color like that.

Robert Doll says:

I aspire to hold a sax that gorgeous one day.

Patrick Johnson says:

I would love to have the Black Ruby Alto

Grant Haggard says:

Anyone else think that there is a reason no one has ever heard of this brand? Pick up a Selmer, you will NEVER be disappointed.

King Of Sludge says:

I just want a flat black tenor

ingrown toe nail says:

sounds like a yamaha yts 23

Jack Deppner says:

I’m getting a tenor soon, now I want that one

Ethan Escamilla says:

Shows sax at 7:16 and plays it at 9:44

Music Revolution says:

I need a professional tenor saxophone and that I would buy if I had the money

Erl Fantilaga says:

Straight up sinful

Osiris says:

Is that Cannonball an intermediate model?

CamTube YT says:

I’m so jealous

Lilly Bean says:

Oh my god I need this asap

Avtagril says:

sounds great with the originl neck

The Trashy Devin says:

9:46 *Ascends to God-status*

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