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I am excited to share with you my new Gerald Albright Signature Series Alto Saxophone from Cannonball. This video shows me unboxing it and doing a quick play test for the first time. It’s a beautiful horn and when I played it I found it extremely responsive and free blowing. I can’t wait to use this instrument in the future!! What’s your opinion of the sax?!

Click here to see my Cannonball curved soprano saxophone unboxing:

From the Cannonball Website:
“The Gerald Albright Signature Pro Series saxophones take the Big Bell Stone Series to another level. In collaboration with Gerald Albright, we designed the elaborate hand-engraving that adorns each saxophone with a strikingly elegant look. The black Italian pads complete the look of these saxophones, and embody the soul of the master, Gerald Albright, himself.”

Filmed on location at YouTube Space Los Angeles
Google Play:


Christopher Price says:

I need a sax like that!

jalend venn says:

cannonball or yamaha yas62iii? looking for a new sax and it seems the yamaha is really really good

McCoy Model Cars says:

I play a cannon ball Bari sax and its amazing

FadingSpade says:

Where did you get that I’ve been looking for it online and can’t find it anywhere

Dashirtninja says:

How much do u think a black nickel tenor would set me back haha

Mark Chapman says:

Whether or not cannonball make good saxophones I don’t know (never played one), but I’m calling bs on the fact that the material for the touches changes the tone!

jaziel ferreira says:

oi,voce manda pro Brasil,quanto que sai um para o Brasil,rio de janeiro,voce envia !obrigado, espero a resposta.

Blanca Ramos says:

The online website

John Buchanan says:

PS- u will never get a chick with that stupid horn. Get a real ax.

John Buchanan says:

I blew a Cannonball for a month-traded my Brother my Mark VI for a month-thanks Bro for giving my ax back.

Cody Willoughby says:

I ordered my curved soprano saxophone so excited

JsQuad Family says:

Did they send it to you for free?

Warren Machu says:

Honestly, I don’t like how plastic-y this horn sounds. Your playing is amazing though, good work Brian!

Maximiliano Luera says:

Buying myself a cannonball tenor when I graduate

John Buchanan says:

If you can’t afford a Selmer, GET A JOB BOZO !!

John Buchanan says:

ask the Rolling Stones. No, Really.

juan says:

What kind of a reed are u using

John Buchanan says:

Paper nonsense-blow it BOZO

zukaitisfamily says:

Amazing. What reed and mouth price u using

John Buchanan says:

Can I borrow ur shirt?? I need to go to the pawn shop.

devion huff says:

How did you get that cannonball saxophone

Seth G says:

I just got mine today same case and everything, with the rovner reed holder, size 2.5, 3, and 4 reed strengths by Vandoreon, and the whole 9 yards. It’s plays like a dream and is absolutely and dream

rogertopful says:

I play Trombone. How did I end up watching Saxophone videos? I started at tenor and alto Trombones.

Nicholas Cage says:

Why does it say you just uploaded this video?

David Zitro says:

Ron Perlman plays sax???

Gaming with Lazer says:

I play the sax to

Jayson Sumner says:

beautiful just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Jayson Sumner says:

Aren’t the bells bigger on this saxophone?

roy childs says:

Not another octave key mechanism! How many does that make now, 487.45? Sheesh! That vibrato reminds of the Guy Lombardo orchestra sax section. Cool.

ArticularCord 13 says:

I have that exact same alto saxophone. Same color,shape, tone, neck, and design. Cool man

Full house says:

Dude I luv ur vids they inspire me so much

Baltimore Sneakers says:

I play saxophone and I reccomend trying out the selmer AS42 Alto Sax. It has the same key placement as a mark vi, and it sounds really good. I recommend the silver plated version.

JazzTruckin says:

D?… Does the fat neck make for a lower tone? I’m kind of intermediate, and right now I’m working with a Selmer SAS280, Vandoren V-16 mouthpiece. Is there such a thing as a fat neck for a Selmer? Nice work!

Monster Mash says:

do you play bari?

Tools240 says:

I got a Cannonball Raven Tenor. Best sax I’ve ever played.

Chuck says:

i need me one of those plus I’m a new subscriber

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