NEW Antigua Pro-One Soprano Saxophone – Unboxing & Review

Here is my review of the new Pro-One Soprano Saxophone (Model SS6200) from Antigua. This video shows me unboxing and playing it. I love the dark gold lacquer finish of the saxophone and the premium feel it has in my hands. Also, I am really impressed with some of the design features this professional level saxophone has.

From the Antigua Website:
-Ponzol Designed soprano body
The heart and soul of the Antigua Pro-One soprano is the Peter Ponzol soprano body design. The one-piece body design is free-blowing and perfectly contoured to give you lightning-quick response, evenly balanced resistance, accurate intonation and great tone.
“My goal was to use modern ergonomics with a completely new bore and taper to return the soprano to a saxophone sound. The point where the neck detaches is a crucial part of the air column and this creates a lot of turbulence at this critical point, so saxophones with two necks can be difficult to control at the octave break,” Peter said.
-Hybrid rolled tone holes
Rolled tone holes for the bell keys and straight drawn tone holes in all other areas provide a solid core to the sound with balanced resistance for the player.
-Patent pending trident key arms
These revolutionary new key arms add strength and stability, providing lightning quick response to the keys.
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schneidercorn says:

there won’t ever be a true “fix” for the sticky G# key- a sticky key is something to do with the pad and not a mechanism on the saxophone. I’m a little confused by this and I’m not entirely sure how there’s a company such as Antigua that says they have a fix, I’m sure by now if there was a fix it’d already be done by Yamaha or Selmer Paris; guess we’ll find out over time

정범진 says:

The sax sounds like it is made for jazz, wow….. it suits your style in my opinion

DeathWish4569 _ says:

That’s a nice looking saxophone, but my is why don’t you use a baritone saxophone? I play a tenor and baritone and the baritone sax has a great sound to it. So, why don’t you play the baritone sax


To all that are asking about CURVY sopranos, if you are going CURVY and don’t want INTONATION issues stick with the Yani CURVY! Any other curvy will have slight intonation issues. If going with a straight you have a much wider selection and probably won’t have many or no intonation issues. Straights are a safer bet with lots of brands. Curvy, YANI all day!

Mr_Beezlebub says:

I want this kind of soprano. How much do these things cost?

Kehinde Olaleye says:

How much is it

Nathan Garza says:

Do you have any thoughts on the Kessler curved sopranos? I know they’re made in Vietnam but, they’re well within my budget. I’d love something nicer but most are over my budget. I’m looking at something $1,000-$1500.

Nugget says:

i used to have antigua tenor sax but i switched to yamaha

Saxano Music says:

Beautiful! Both your test playing and the saxophone 😉
How many saxophones do you have in total?

LopSeed FTW says:

First comment

Denzell Casimir says:

were did you go to get this sax

Geronimo says:

I believe this is from the similar line/shop as the Kessler custom series. Is there a reason you chose Antigua over the Kessler brand?

Thanks for the review!

Warren Machu says:

Did you order this directly from their website?

Moses and Josh Espinosa says:

What’s the brand of your mouthpiece bro

Josh King says:

Wow, that has a really great sound. The rolled tone holes on the low end with typical drawn holes on the rest is interesting. Can’t wait to hear your first cover on this horn.

Saxophone player Spano says:

How much is it

Ian McMillan says:

Brian, you have to get a bari sax, I play one and for some reason it is ridiculously fun. I was an alto player but now I play my bari almost exclusively. I manage to make it sound good, you’d probably do waaaay better 🙂

Random Ryan says:


DarkMarx says:

money couldve been spent better

Reuben Parry says:

we know what the case says

sirvidia says:

I play a once piece (vintage Buffet) but have never detected any difference in ease of playing between one and two piece. Tried a YSS875EX?

Vanadium says:

Awesome sax mate

Adrian Castillo says:

would you prefer this one over you Cannonball curved soprano?

Claire Maue says:

Which sax do you like better, that Antigua or your curved cannonball Gerald Albright?

Paul Maslak says:

Brian, just a few things for your followers. First, it does not have the G# lifting mechanism. It’s too small to accommodate. Only the alto and tenor ProOne’s have it. Secondly, the Trident arms, if you notice, are only attached to the pad cup by the center arm. The 2 side arms have dampeners. This is, according to Peter Ponzol, to aid in the projection of the lower end of the horn. List price is $3999.00 as compared to a Yamaha YSS-82Z @ $4609.00 and a Yanagisawa S-992 Pro @ $8490.00 or a Selmer Series II Model 51 @ $8249.00.
Paul Maslak
Antigua Winds Product Manager
San Antonio, TX

Marsh says:

Hey Brian, cool sax! I was wondering, do you make your own backing tracks or do you use the youtube ones? If so do you need to get copyright permission for that kind of thing? Thanks 🙂

Bron sport Bros says:


DarkMarx says:

the first impression i get is :Ebay,used,minimal ware

Nick Castillo says:

The lacquer on this particular model of Soprano, is called honey lacquer. I got to say it is one of my favourites, along with rose lacquer.

Donald Lentz says:

That’s a nice sax…nothing wrong with Antiqua Winds in my opinion….Interesting that it has a combo of Rolled and non rolled tone holes..The last video I watched on this subject was an accomplished player and knew all the sax jargon, yet she bought one of those Cecilio Chinese Sopranos….I bet she’s moved on from that…I bet that Ebay and Amazon have enough of those returned for the junk they are that they can give them out at Christmas parties as party favours….

Tom S says:

hey all, im thinking of buying a soprano and im looking for a good quality sax because i have gotten very serious into it over that last year. Is antigua a good brand for a serious player?

vF Frost says:

Hey Brian, would you recommend Oleg mouthpieces with a yts62

TheLonelyDoughnut says:

I love all these saxes you have, but I gotta ask: are you planning on getting something low? A baritone or a bass or anything?

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