Mendini Tenor Sax Unboxing Video

The sax finally came!!!! Watch as I get to see it in the in real life. If you enjoy then drop a like and sub if you are new and I will see you all next time. PEACE!!!!! QOTD: Do you play any instruments? What do you play? What kind of music do you play? I play the drums, baritone horn, alto sax and tenor sax and I play jazz.


Life Of A Vlogger says:

I play the baritone and tenor sax and that was horrible

Cassac S says:

Cringe fest

Stefano Calvi says:

you are so nooob

1,000,000 subs without a video ? says:

This was such an offense to the saxophone community. Basically if saxophone were alive, they probably commit suicide by now… R.I.P

Maximiliano Luera says:

Ok everyone has verbally raped you in the comments for your technique but my question why the fuck do you have a camel cigarette sign in your room you look like 13 years old

leaf X says:

Your omnister is trash jeasus

Tikarah_Thomas Gameplay says:

“I’m probably just gonna keep them in the bag until I need it.”
*Takes then out of the bag*

mmfsonb says:

no comment

Cassac S says:

Why tho
Do u not no lief

robert owen says:

Congratulations Noob and keep it up.We haven’t heard any of the Fan Boys play and you know they can brag on here and NOBODY knows.

Foxy Matronic says:

Bro u are amazing at sax do listen to these a holes trying to put u down just keep practicing and I’ll be better then all of them combined!

AestheticC 0 says:

You didn’t even soak your reed.

Jadeyy Pooh says:

Lol I understand this video is very cool lol…can’t wait till mines comes and btw some of the stuff you pressed weren’t even buttons

DubzMusic says:

Damn I feel like you’ve never played t sax could use more practice

Superpulse Gamer says:

The medini cases are junk it broke a month of use

MousegamerTV says:

Mendini is crap I bought a alto sax and had to replace neck and mouthpiece

Sxmply Mągɨȼąl Abby ʍsρ says:

That was me when I had alto but I did puff cheeks and I made every note sound right

Xephr says:

Your saxophone is screaming for help. please stop.

Daniel Zhan says:

This is the worst saxophonist I have heard in a long time.

Cassac S says:


Brandon David Asencio Calderon says:

Esta chilero tu sax brother

Poli artacho monteroe says:

poor tenor sax

Kyle Nash says:

You mean cork grease not slide grease

Hackers ERROR:001 says:

Hey dude don’t listen to those people that say your trash. You are probably self taught which makes you just as talented as they are. P.s. I do play Alto sax Tenor sax and Bari sax and I’m pretty good at them but because I was taught by a teacher.

Video Central says:

A few things need to be addressed here: 1. That’s a very cheap sax 2. Your trash 3. You don’t know how to clean or even take basic care of the sax (didnt even know what cork grease is, thats why your alto mouthpiece is gross) 4. You prolly bent the keys when you took the mouthpiece off 5. You don’t stick the humidity rod in to clean it you swab it nigger

Holzelsky says:

What the fucking fuck

Cassac S says:


Call Me Nameless says:

dont puff cheeks, build the “chops”. Wet the reed and controll your air better. your on the right track bro

Brandon Handley says:

you were all beginners once


I’m so trigged

DatProductions says:

He clearly never played alto or any sax for that matter because he can’t even hold it right

Krathon O says:

The instrument you compared with the tenor was an alto, of course its smaller.

DatProductions says:

You do know that Tenor is in a different key than Alto right? Also how the hell did you even make it into band let alone jazz band? You suck. Just quit.

Tyler Dodd says:

I am Saxophone Section Leader at my high school. This is literally a disgrace to saxophone kind… come on man. play the right notes to careless wisper F#,E,B,G. Please delete this video…
(P.S. – I cringed everytime he put his fingers all over the instrument.. take care of of tenor, no matter what price it is.)

Garfieldzilla Shaw says:

Keep practicing and u will get better

feonis washington says:

I’m not going to knock the kid. He’s having fun.

As for the fruit-loops giving him a hard time, what is sad is I’ve never heard of one of you in the music business.

To the kid – do yourself a big favor, disable the comments option. These people are f’d in the head.

Dr. Doofinsmirtz says:

Oh my fucking god, whyyyy

Careless Dares 2.0 says:

This hurts

Poichu says:

why everyone so angry like chill

Al Calderon says:

Ya’ll putting this kid on blast, like damn how about give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and help him out.

Rob Rudock says:

OMG I really thought guitarists were bad. You people should just be completely ashamed of yourselves the way you’re talking with this elitist crap. There are vids on $75 Squier guitars and no one mentions the stupid guitar. The kids a teenager, he doesn’t have 10k for a saxophone. It’s too bad the quality is poor, it’s a sharp looking piece of metal. But a musician will eventually get good sound out of anything. He took a dry reed out and stuck it straight in to play. Of course it’s gonna honk. Noob, I hope you stuck with it and still love your sax. Let us know if it held up.

Hackers ERROR:001 says:

Even I played tenor like a boss the first time

LaoBoxBit _2.0 says:

My ears!!!

Superpulse Gamer says:

Alto sax cases

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