Legere Signature Synthetic Saxophone Reed Review

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In this video I review the “Signature Series” synthetic saxophone reeds from Canadian company Legere.
Read the full review here: http://www.mcgillmusic.com/articles/legere-synthetic-saxophone-reed-review

Presented by Nigel McGill


Chip Armstrong says:

Was playing 2.5 strength on various Vandoren jazz reeds on my Selmer alto. Had to work through several Signature reeds to get proper set-ups. Ended with 2.0 Signature on Dukoff D8 and Signature 2.25 on Vandoren Jumbo Java A45 alto mouthpiece.

Grahame Easthope says:

The Legere Signature are so good. I did find that I had to down a quarter strength from my normal Vandoren Java red box 2.5. I think that is due to the fact that cane reeds always seem to break in quicker than I expect. I have 3 Legere Signature 2.25’s and they are amazing. One of them feels very slightly different to the other two, but I’m not complaining. I just have to be very specific and accurate about where the reed sits on the table and the position of the lig. It makes me think about how our lips, muscles and jaw are so sentitive to miniscule differences. The human body is a wonderful thing. A box of reeds is no longer the crap shoot that it can be, and no more reed adjusting.

Dab Nation 2020 says:

Will playing on a legend reed give me a darker tone compared to playing on a vandoren blue box

Gerry Smith says:

Do you prefer them to Forestone Nigel, or have you not tried those?

Jared Khan says:

Studio or signature?? It says studio is softer and brighter (what I want) on the website, but real people have said that studio is less bright than the signature. Which is brighter and more free blowing

ervin semsei says:

Hi Nigel,please put it up how play The godfather song in the tenor sax,Please???Thanks.

frogman says:

They’re really amazing for playing a reed book in a musical

Lewis Simply swinging says:

Hi nigel. I love all your videos and have signed up. I have only just started playing a tenor. I have never played an instrument in my life but im loving my sax. Currently learning hawaii 5 – o from your video. Anyway question is as a beginner what strength reed should i look at all i have is the one it came with but doesnt say what it is…… would a Legere strength 2 be a good option for a beginner
Thanks love your work !

Laptop M says:

i like your comment on the reed but i am wondering, how will you know , as a beginner that is , which number to choose, i play alt and tenor, with the alt i have an annoying problem , i cant find a good reed anymore , i therefore bought all numbers just to check it out which one will do best, honoustly i don,t know yet, some reeds just don,t play or after a while they just do not functionate anymore as they used to,,, lucky for me , the tenor is going fine ,, but when i just got the alt, that one allso worked fine in the beginning,, i don,t mind spending some money , but i don,t like throwing it in the bin because of something i should not have bought

Vincent Gaglio says:

love them. signature series. 2.0 for me. vinny

Ernest Melchizedek Boateng says:

McGill how are you am bless to get you sir i love the sax expercialy the alto but i do know how to get started,can you help me with the basics

Ivar Westerberg says:

Did legere pay you anything for doing this video?

Légère Reeds says:

Thanks for such a positive review!

Anthony Barkis says:

Are they for jazz or classical?

Ian Sim says:

How do they compare for length of life?

BrotherCavefish says:

did you find these warm and soft, or did they have that fuzzy synth feeling,

Vincent Gaglio says:

question , well before the question, I do know that reed comparisons are not a real standard rule! However! you mention! that for the cane reed you play you go up in size on the Signature Series! but for me I find that going down in size works well for me! don’t understand it but it works and I should not second guess it?????? vinny

Ethan Wan says:

this is a very well-thought out and edited review! thank you for your opinion!

Jo Preston says:

I have been using the Legere Signature reed for 2 weeks now on my Alto Sax and its brilliant, I love the sound and its so much easier to play the Sax. I found I had to go a quarter size down from my normal cane reed. So pleased I took the plunge and bought one.

alexandros panayiotou says:

Hi Nigel, can you please tell me when and how you understand that a legere reed needs to be replaced, i have been playing one for 4 months now ( 2-3 hours per week) and i can understand now is not playing like it was, but i don’t see any changes on it , can you please give any advice?

pmwizard48 says:

I had an original Legere tenor, but just bought the studio and signature reeds. Still trying them out. I use it when I play in a community concert band. All 3 models seem to work well with my Otto link mouthpiece.

Cristian W. Fath says:

I find it sounds like plastic… not warm. For my tenor, i preffer fiberreeds (carbon fiber canes)… perfect response in all the register, with clear and natural sound.

Les Milner says:

Having been a member of your Sax School for a couple of years I totally trust your judgement- so I’m gonna try them out.

Jim Jazz says:

Hi Nigel,
Are you using a “Silverstein” Ligature? Also
I have been using the Legere Signature reeds for several months and like you I found it to be so much more stable and consistent.
I appreciate your reply…
Thanks ,

Shaky Dave says:

$30 for one reed!!!

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