Lazzaro Bb Straight Black/Gold Soprano Saxophone Unboxing and Review

Hello Apollo watchers! Apollo360XD here, bringing you guys an unboxing and review on my brand new Lazzaro Bb straight Black/Gold soprano saxophone. Please note on the second part of the video, I stated that when I play it, it won’t sound in tune. I didn’t have a tuner at hand and I wasn’t for sure what note to tune it on. Anyway, I hope you liked the video and if you did, hit that like button and comment down below for any suggestions and such. As always, have a nice day. xD

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Check out Brians channel:
Great saxophonist and he’s the reason I want to continue playing sax. xD


David Meinke says:

Thanks for the information.

Todd Vevers says:

Good review 😀

Todd Vevers says:

I recently bought the Trevor James horn classic 2 in black and nickel frosted, its seems good :D… It was $1300 :O :O worth it though 😛

RLB says:

tune with either a g or a d

Steve Shape says:

Great review man! I have the Lazarro curved soprano in white and gold. I love it, it plays amazing. I upgraded the mouthpiece and reeds. Sounds so clean and powerful. I like your straight soprano. The black and gold looks tight!! Always tune to middle C with a Bb instrument.

Spodermen says:

so would you recommend this over the mendini?

Ethan Carlock says:

Tune it on a low f# ☺

Corey Holman says:

Tune it to a concert F (G), concert Bb (C), Concert C (D, top of the staff), and Concert A (B)

air conditioner says:

the zipper works… that’s awesome…

Blaxzilian Boii says:

I play soprano alto and baritone

Warren Machu says:

I like you and your review. Good job Apollo!

MusicMan says:

sorry bro, but tbh, you HAVE to learn to work on your projection! I’m not sure on how old you are, but i’m assuming you’re in your high school years. And if you are in marching band, you need to work on getting better projection and having a firm grip on your sax when sou play. It makes me cringe when i see your fingers barely holding on to the keys. but great review though!

Caeden Harrison says:

not lazzaro

nr3rful says:

Why gloves ?

Nathan Garza says:

People who say you don’t need a neck strap for a soprano saxophone only believe that until they drop their sax. Those who say they’ve never dropped their sax are only right until they drop it. Just use the damn neck strap.

Throbbing Mara says:

I know the song that you play

Spodermen says:

umm… its pronounced frajeelay

playfoya says:

Back in 2015 you were a beginning on the soprano sax. Did you start on the soprano sax as your first wind instrument? How are things going now?

Js Lim says:

put ur ligature lower a bit if u feel hard to blow

snipars mate says:

tune to concert G sharp (f sharp on your sax)

Ethan Carlock says:

Appolo360xd you usaully tune it on c when your are with a group of saxophonist only because the c is one of the most out of tune notes on the saxophone.☺

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