HAVE A GANDER! – Traditional Reeds VS Legere Reeds Comparison – Tenor Saxophone

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Steve the griffin says:

was that a song or a freestyle that you were playing? If its a song I need it

Cristian W. Fath says:

I find Fiber reed the best.

Prosperity says:


Elijah Dennings says:

what song are you playing?

Calisong says:

legere reed commercial before a legere reed video

Lawrence Moore says:

Since I live in New Mexico, in one of the most arid climates on Earth, synthetic reeds are essential (I learned the hard way since I play three saxes and a clarinet), especially outdoors. I haven’t tried Legere tho. Yet.

Steve Gonzalez says:

There is an ecooo

Jon Mark Loyola says:

still like the bright sound of the reeds.. the plastic or synthetic sound so stiff.

Webby The Dino says:

Vandoren sucks. It’s hard to breathe through and makes you sound airy. Cheap garbage Chinese brands… pretend they’re still French Indonesia…

Heath Cope says:

I`m new to the sax and enjoyed your vid…. I found it very informative and handy for me. I am looking to move to a signature synthetic reed, I am currently using a 1.5 natural tenor reed(dont know the make).. What strength signature reed do you think would be a fairly close match?

QuēēnŁogic says:

I hated the wooden reeds….They always cracked and I was still in band at the time,I always had to by a new one hated buying a new one….

Tommy Boy says:

I want that sax

Mike McKeon says:

Can a synthetic reed be satisfactorily adjusted ie if I buy a reed that is too strong can I ‘sand’ it down a little?

Kuwayway Logic says:

I’ve played both synthetic sucks it’s good for beginners but should not be used by pros they possibilities by cane reeds are far more vast

Vincent Gaglio says:

Love the video.

Alexander Burris says:

what website did you get them reeds at

ExtraLargeBurger says:

What’s the specs on your reed I’m about to get a tenor and I need to know what’s best to start out with

PlazmaCow says:

Would a synthetic reed do well with a metal mouthpiece?

Mark Cataldo says:

Before I say anything I want to tell you that you sound great. I’ve played these Legere reeds when they first came out in 2001 somewhere around there? Yes they are a great alternative, and they come very close to a cane reed. However I find myself always going back to the traditional cane reeds.

When you played the cane reed it had a lot of presence. When you switched to the Legere reed, it lost the a lot of the presence. It actually sounded more mellow, and your horn doesn’t project as well as it did with a traditional cane reed. Someone else may think differently. It’s all a matter of taste.

aNd PEgGy says:

I got a legere reed ad before this too… IRONY

Robert Demetrician rdemetrician says:

Hey Pedro. Thanks for this video. I’ve been playing tenor for about 40 years and have tried many different cane reeds (who hasn’t), as well as the Rico Plasticover reeds. My tone has always been dark. Dark is great when playing in a classical wind ensemble and blending with brass like french horns, baritones, and trombones, but most of my work has been with amplified rock bands. I’m always looking to brighten up my tone for more presence. Would love your thoughts on cane vs. Plasticover vs. synthetic reeds.

John Awrey says:

They’re a neat novelty and Legeres have their place, but I don’t know anybody that went to Legere reeds that hasn’t since moved back to cane.

I like them for some gigs, where I’m doubling between horns or singing and playing saxophone, but if I get half a chance to pop a reed in my mouth for 30 seconds, I’ll be using cane reeds. Plastic reeds don’t have the same sound, they cut out some of the guts…at least to my ears. Granted, for my style of music the effect on tone is a negative, but for some instances I can see it being a positive, I suppose.

I think the free market has dictated exactly how the world feels about these reeds. Some people will play them, many will buy them, but they’re not really a game changer, because the game hasn’t changed. Cane reeds will always dominate

Sgt. Dale says:

I’ve been using the same traditional reed for 9 months and i still sound great with it.

Hunter Alexander says:

Would synthetic reeds be relevant in a marching scenario? I’m our only bari sax

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