Have A Gander! – P. Mauriat System 76 Alto Review and Demo

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Gipstetz says:

Hi Pedro. Was wondering if you tried the P Mauriats influence and rolled tone hole models? If so…. what were your likes and dislikes compared to the one you ended up purchasing. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Daniel Guzman says:

Is it heavy?

Dean Haynes says:

is it better than the selmer reference 54

FroShow says:

That’s the same alto I have

Grant Mitchell says:

Have you ever considered a cannonball sax

JsQuad Family says:

Pedro, Do you have a link to where you bought your P. Mauriat System 76

Bryce Davis says:

I’m really stuck on getting this sax or the Cannonball Gerald Albright sax. Any suggestions?

Poofyp2 says:

Do you accept request? If you do please please please do the Super Smash Bros Brawl (ssb3) cover next please!!!!!

Mario Tobias says:

Great sound and looks!!

Chance Price says:

I tried alto, but I fell in love with the tenor. I’m looking to buy a new one and I’m curious as to the one you use. It looks similar to the alto you use.

YiYi The Wuster says:

Pedro do you play on a vintage Meyer or a modern Meyer?

Logan Herman says:

You really know how to play! The classical sound almost sounds like a violin. You made your case; that horn excels.

caden silberlicht says:

fantastic video, really helpful, might get one of those but can’t decide for that or a 67r.. but I couldn’t help but notice how while you were pointing out things on this artwork, you were looking the other way at God knows what… what were you looking at XD

YeLLa_G says:

its so beautiful… would love to horn like that (rip money)

Running_Boy_12 says:

Nice! So random question, is there any time you will be in Northern New Jersey playing a gig?

Utoneum says:

I love the lacquer finish

Zero The One says:

It doesn’t seem like anyone has asked this but will you do we are number one?

Sir Opallius says:

I’ve been playing a kinda meh sax, so this sounds like a good next step, especially since my band director wants me to play tenor (ours started playing bari and he would like all three)

Yoni TecnoSka says:

Kirby king Dede theme? Plz

Noah Jaramillo says:

I play a Yamaha alto but should I switch to a bari?

Mr_Beezlebub says:

As a primarily bari sax player who’s been considering picking up alto again, I might consider a P. Mauriat. Great video 🙂

chriss1152 says:

I have a p mauriat bare brass 66rul tenor it’s a great player

EklipseGaming says:

awesome video pedro! I’m still trying to decide between the 67r and this system 76 if you recommend either one or have any ideas about the 67r that would be awesome! also could you do a video on your soprano

Ninja Angels says:

Hey man I’ve been looking for a soprano sax. I’ve found some that are good on price but just look junky overall, I’ve also found one that’s a little pricy but it’s not too bad and looks like it’s works perfectly. I didn’t know if you had any recommendations?

Abe Ahmed says:

Pedro, why have you stopped uploading? Taking a break?

Alejandro Sosa says:

That’s the matte finish?

Idina Fanzel says:

Thats a beautiful sax

Tony L Tate says:

Very nice demo man. I’ve been wanting to hear this horn. Thinking of picking one up myself.

Jonathan F. Marin Realtor® (www.JonathanMarin.com) REALTYONEGROUP Gilbert, AZ 85297 says:

the reverb on you edit.. is too much.. you sound great you don’t need it. Thanks for the review

Handheld Gamer says:

Wow, look how far this channel has gone. Good luck on your road to 100,000 subs!

Combo Kings says:

looks pretty nice 😀

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